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Part Number: DS3800DLIA
Manufacturer: General Electric
Series: Mark IV
Product type: Load Invert Auxillary Card
Availability: In Stock
Country of Manufacture: United States (USA)

Functional Description

DS3800DLIA is a Load Invert Auxillary Card designed and developed by GE. It is a part of Mark IV control system. The Mark IV system is specifically engineered for gas and steam turbine control, aimed at minimizing downtime attributed to electronic failures. It offers built-in redundancies that seamlessly take over in case of an issue, ensuring the operator can diagnose and repair the damaged PCB without any loss of service. This card is specifically designed as a load inverter auxiliary card.


  • The PCB is factory-drilled with a total of six mounting holes. These include a single hole in each of the top corners and a double hole in each of the bottom corners for secure installation.
  • The board is equipped with a ribbon cable connector, distinctly marked as 278A4702P5A.
  • There are eleven through-hole potentiometers positioned along the front edge of the board, aligned parallel to the short edges.
  • It features a total of eighteen screw terminals for facilitating connections.
  • The board includes five jumpers for essential configurations and connections.
  • Four TP test point rings are provided, allowing for convenient access and testing of various aspects of the circuitry.

System Operator Interface

  • The operator interface is composed of a control insert and a roll-out drawer containing a printer. It features an industrial-grade membrane switch known for its superior reliability when compared to older switches with hand-wired connections.
  • When a user presses a pad on the membrane switch, it activates the associated command and is confirmed by a flashing LED along with an audible 'beep'. To proceed, the operator presses the execute pad, prompting the turbine to respond and causing the LED to remain steady.
  • If there is a pause lasting longer than 2 seconds following the initial command activation, the flashing LED extinguishes, and the execute command is disregarded.

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What is DS3800DLIA?
It is a Load Invert Auxillary Card designed and developed by GE

How does the Mark IV control system enhance reliability compared to older control systems?
The Mark IV system minimizes the need for personnel to enter the control panel, significantly reducing the risk of inadvertent actions that could trigger a turbine shutdown. Most settings and diagnostic tasks can be accomplished directly from the front panel, enhancing operational reliability.

Can you elaborate on the control constants display and its role in the system?
Control constants display is a key feature of the system that allows users to configure and fine-tune the control settings. It provides access to various parameters and constants that govern the system's behavior and performance. This feature is pivotal in tailoring the system to specific operational requirements.