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Part Number: DS3800DFCD
Manufacturer: General Electric
Series: Mark IV
Product Type: Regulator Board
Region of Manufacture: United States

The GE DS3800DFCD Regulator Board has 17 single-pin connectors and three potentiometers for current adjustment. There are four jumpers and various test locations on the GE Regulator Board DS3800DFCD. The potentiometers have the IDs LOGIC, VOLT, and AMMETER. The dials can be used to adjust the potentiometers from 0 to 100. To avoid damaging the board, only a qualified individual should modify the potentiometers. When making modifications, the servicer or installation must have a calibrated tester on hand. It's recommended to adjust only one potentiometer at a time. After you've made the necessary adjustments to one potentiometer, move on to the next one.

  • To adjust the potentiometers with the tester, place the probes on the test points on the board and turn the dial of one potentiometer at the same time. It's best to maintain track of the setting and keep it alongside the rest of the board's vital information. Set the potentiometer on a replacement board to the same settings as the damaged board before installing it. Use a tester to verify that the circuit readings are the same to ensure that the setting is correct.
  • The installer or servicer can configure the board using the jumpers on the board. The letter J is prefixed to the IDs of the jumpers, while the letter F is suffixed to them. A numeric value will be placed in the center slot. J1F, J6F, and J7F, for example.
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How is the current adjusted on DS3800DFCD?

The Board has three potentiometers for current adjustment.


How many single pin connectors are included in DS3800DFCD?

There are 17 single-pin connectors on the board.


How to obtain DS3800DFCD?

WORLD OF CONTROLS can supply UNUSED and REBUILT DS3800DFCD backed up with a warranty.