DS3800DEPB1A1B - Excitation Power Board

DS3800DEPB1A1B - Excitation Power Board DS3800DEPB1A1B - Excitation Power Board

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Part No.: DS3800DEPB1A1B
Manufacturer: General Electric
Product Type: Analog I/O Board
Series: Mark IV

DS3800DEPB1A1B is an Excitation Power Board developed by GE. There is one 20-pin ribbon cable and five 10-pin connectors on the board. The GE LCI Exciter Control Board DS3800DECA1B1B1 also has four terminals for connecting components and two trimmer resistors. The GE Excitation Power Board DS3800DEPB1A1B is installed in a drive that can automatically shut down if the interior of the drive becomes too hot.

  • As a safety feature, if the drive temperature exceeds a certain threshold, the drive will automatically shut down. An over-temperature trip condition causes the automatic shutdown. Other trip conditions may also cause the drive to stop.
  • An overcurrent condition can cause the drive to shut down automatically if too much current enters the drive. When the workload stresses the motor and other moving parts, an overload condition occurs.
  • To avoid an overheating condition, you must carefully plan the driver installation. The drive must be installed in a room with cool air and free of oil, dust, and harsh chemicals. Ensure that there is enough open space on all sides of the drive. This allows air to circulate more freely and transport heat away from the drive.
  • If fans are needed to keep the room cool, make sure there are enough of them and that they are in good working order. Hoods are installed in some environments to draw heat away from drives and other devices. Check that the hoods can quickly remove the heat and exhaust the warm air from the room.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is DS3800DEPB1A1B?
DS3800DEPB1A1B is an Excitation Power Board developed by GE.

How to Obtain DS3800DEPB1A1B?
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