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DS3800DECA - LCI Exciter Control Board

DS3800DECA - LCI Exciter Control Board DS3800DECA - LCI Exciter Control Board

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Part Number: DS3800DECA
Manufacturer: General Electric
Series: Mark IV
Function: Auxiliary Drive Interface

DS3800DECA is an LCI Exciter Control Board and is part of the GE Speedtronic Mark IV gas turbine control panel. One 20-pin ribbon cable and five trimmer resistors are included. There are also four jumpers, one potentiometer, and four test points on the GE LCI Exciter Control Board. Each jumper is given a unique ID that is silkscreened on the board's surface. Each jumper on the board has an ID next to it. The ID begins with the suffix BJ and ends with a number. BJ1, BJ2, BJ3, and BJ4 are some of the IDs. The GE LCI Exciter Control Board is designed to provide maximum versatility by adjusting the signal processing with a potentiometer and five trimmer resistors.

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What is Mark IV DS3800DECA?

DS3800DECA is an LCI Exciter Control Board and functions as an auxiliary drive interface.

What is LCI in a Gas Turbine?

An input thyristor bridge and an output thyristor bridge make up a load commutated inverter.

What is the purpose of an LCI?

The LCI regulates the motor speed by controlling motor torque.