DS2020UCOCN1G1A - N1 OC2000 display

DS2020UCOCN1G1A - N1 OC2000 display DS2020UCOCN1G1A - N1 OC2000 display

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Part No.: DS2020UCOCN1G1A
Manufacturer: General Electric
Country of Manufacture: United States (USA)
Product Type: N1 OC2000 display
Availability: In Stock
Series: GE EX2000

DS2020UCOCN1G1A is an N1 OC2000 display under EX2000 series. This is a front mounting turbine management panel. The drive local area network is utilized to control and monitor other system components using the OC2000, a programmable operator interface (LAN). User-defined digital displays, usable pushbuttons, and indicator lights are all on the front panel of the device.

System Hardware

A LAN-based operator interface unit is called the OC2000. Two microprocessors are present in the device, and they are connected by an internal serial link. The interface for users consists :

  • 32 (2 sets of 16) programmable keys that are supported by status LEDs (LEDs)
  • For local mode functions and diagnostics, a 16-key numeric/diagnostic keypad
  • Two displays with 40 characters each and one with 12 characters

System Software

A software program is used to setup the OC2000 to specify its runtime operations. This program is known as the UC2000 Toolkit because it also configures the Unit Controller 2000 (UC2000) interface. The local mode utility offers online features including hardware resets and status information displays.

DS2020UCOCN1G1A Features

  • This board is often used in conjunction with the DACAG1 transformer assembly. The front display of the component is made up of numerous membrane switches. These are divided into sections that are simple to use and comprehend.
  • A readout for generation voltage, frequency, current, Mwatts, MVars, and power failure is included in the sections. P, C1, and C2 faults, as well as field voltages, amps, and temperature, are all available on a second readout. There are further parts dedicated to local control and diagnostic readout, as well as an "OC2000" area.
  • Membrane switches, such as a numeric keyboard, an enter key, a help key, an escape/clear key, and keys for starting, stopping, and activating the system, are included in these parts. Airflow to the interior components is allowed through the unit's bottom rear panel.
  • This aids in maintaining a comfortable temperature. Connectors like Ethernet, terminal connectors, and an RS-232 connector are also found on the back panel.
  • The bottom rear panel of the unit allows airflow to the interior components. This aids in the maintenance of a comfortable temperature.
  • A tophat flange on either side of the external cover has been drilled to allow easy attachment.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is DS2020UCOCN1G1A?
DS2020UCOCN1G1A is an N1 OC2000 display for the EX2000 series.

What is the function of the bottom rear panel of the unit?
It allows airflow to the interior components. This aids in the maintenance of a comfortable temperature

How to Obtain N1 OC2000 display?
World of Controls provides EX2000 as well as other turbine control products. Contact WOC.