DS2020PDMAG1 - Power Distribution Module

DS2020PDMAG1 - Power Distribution Module DS2020PDMAG1 - Power Distribution Module

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Part Number: DS2020PDMAG1
Manufacturer: General Electric
Series: Mark V
Product type: Power Distribution Module
Repair: 3-5 days
Country of Manufacture: United States (USA)

Functional Description

DS2020PDMAG1 is an Power Distribution Module developed by GE. The power distribution module serves performs two vital functions- conditioning the incoming power and efficiently distributing it to the individual power supplies responsible for the redundant processors. This is achieved through the use of replaceable fuses, which play a crucial role in ensuring the safety and reliability of the entire system.

Product Attributes

  • Each control module, within its designated role, is responsible for supplying its own regulated DC busses via AC/DC converters. These converters possess the remarkable capability to accommodate an exceptionally wide range of incoming DC voltage levels. This versatility is particularly valuable as it enables the control system to tolerate substantial battery voltage dips, such as those that may occur during the starting of a diesel cranking motor. This level of adaptability ensures the uninterrupted operation of the control system even in challenging conditions.
  • It diligently monitors all power sources and regulated busses. This continuous monitoring serves as a proactive safeguard against any potential irregularities or voltage fluctuations that might occur. By closely observing these parameters, the system can promptly respond to any deviations, enhancing overall system reliability and performance.
  • It replace individual power supplies while the turbine is in operation. This capability minimizes downtime, ensuring that the turbine can continue to function seamlessly even during maintenance procedures. It underscores the commitment to maintaining operational efficiency and the robustness of the system design.

System Power source features

  • The Mark V panel is designed to receive power from multiple sources. Each power input source, such as the DC and two AC sources, should be directed through its dedicated 30 Ampere, 2-pole thermal-magnetic circuit breaker before connecting to the Mark V panel. It is strongly recommended that these circuit breakers be positioned in proximity to the associated equipment.
  • The circuit breakers should have ratings of 250 volts and 30 amperes, with a minimum withstand rating of 10,000 amperes to ensure safety and protection. Additionally, these breakers must adhere to the guidelines specified in EN61010-1 section and bear the CE marking, indicating compliance with relevant standards and regulations.
  • The power sources for the Mark V panel can encompass various configurations, including a combination of a 125 V DC source and up to two 120/240 V AC sources. Each core within the panel possesses its individual power supply card, all of which draw power from a common 125 V DC panel distribution bus, ensuring efficient and coordinated operation.

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What is DS2020PDMAG1?
It is an Power Distribution Module developed by GE

Can individual power supplies be replaced while the turbine is running?
Yes, individual power supplies can be replaced without shutting down the turbine. This capability minimizes downtime, ensuring continuous and reliable operation during maintenance procedures.

What are the benefits of having redundant processors in the control system?
Redundant processors provide backup and failover capabilities, enhancing the system's reliability. In the event of a processor failure, the redundant processor can seamlessly take over, preventing system downtime.

Are there any specific maintenance procedures or safety precautions associated with replacing power supplies while the turbine is running?
Yes, there are specific safety protocols and maintenance procedures that should be followed when replacing power supplies during operation. It is crucial to adhere to safety guidelines provided by the system manufacturer and ensure that qualified personnel perform these tasks safely.