DS2020LPPA340A - Line Protection Board

DS2020LPPA340A - Line Protection Board
DS2020LPPA340A - Line Protection Board

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Part No: DS2020LPPA340A
Manufacturer: General Electric
Function: Line Protection Board
Series: Mark V
Operating temperature: -30 to 65°C
Board Size: 6.25 in x 4.25 in
Availability: In Stock
Product of Origin: USA

DS2020LPPA340A is a Line Protection Board manufactured and designed by General Electric as part of the Mark V Series used in Drive Control Systems. The GE Line Protection Board has seven jumpers and two terminal blocks, each with three terminals. JP1 through JP7 are the names of the jumpers. There are also test locations on the GE Line Protection Board. The board is mounted on standoffs on another component of the drive and acts as a daughter card for that component. On the opposite component, the signal wires that link to the board originate.

  • The test points on the GE Line Protection Board can assist in isolating and pinpointing any board problems. You must first run the diagnostic tool on the drive to diagnose any problems.
  • The user interface accessible from the keypad can be accessed using the keypad. A display is also included on the control panel, which displays information and allows you to make choices. A history of all faults and warnings linked with the drive may be found here. The components' health is also provided.
  • The test points are useful for evaluating specific circuits if the diagnostics suggest that there is a problem with the board. The test points enable you to test the circuits described in the material that came with the board. The test points have IDs, and the prefix for the IDs is E.
  • The suffix is a numerical value. Some of the test locations, for example, have IDs like E1, E3, and E8. The readings generated by the current indicate the circuit's health when the probes of the testing device are placed on the test points.

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What is GE Mark V DS2020LPPA340A?

It is a Line Protection Board developed by General Electric and used in drive control systems.

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