DS2020FEXAG4 - Field Exciter Board

DS2020FEXAG4 - Field Exciter Board DS2020FEXAG4 - Field Exciter Board

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Part Number: DS2020FEXAG4
Product Type: Field exciter Board
Manufacturer: General Electric
Series: Mark V
Availability: In Stock
Country of Origin: United States (USA)

DS2020FEXAG4 is a field exciter Board designed and developed by GE. It is a part of the General Electric Mark V control system.

System Data Communication Networks

  • The Mark V Control System communicates, shares, and acts on information via three distinct networks. The Stage Link is the primary means of communication between the Operator Interface (I) and the control panel's common data processor (C). This is an ARCNET configuration link. The data exchange network (DENET) is a communication network of the ARCNET type that is built into the Mark V control panel. The DENET's function is to provide a communication link between the control panel's internal processors.
  • It serves as the foundation for the voting process on control signals in a TMR panel. The I/O network is the third internal network (IONET). The IONET is a serial communications network that is linked in a daisy chain. Its purpose is to transmit I/O signals between the control processor (DCC), the protection core (P), and the digital I/O core (QD1). With the exception of C, the IONET is identical in all processors. As the C core has no direct connection to the P, the IONET communicates only between C and the digital I/O board. A TMR panel has four independent IONETs (R, S, T, and C) in this configuration, whereas a Simplex panel has two (R, and C).

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What is DS2020FEXAG4?
It is a field exciter Board designed and developed by GE.

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