DS2020FECNRX025A - Field Exciter Module

DS2020FECNRX025A - Field Exciter Module DS2020FECNRX025A - Field Exciter Module

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Part No.: DS2020FECNRX025A
Manufacturer: General Electric
Country of Manufacture: United States of America (USA)
Product Type: Field Exciter Module
Availability: In Stock
Series: Mark V

Functional Description

DS2020FECNRX025A is a Field Exciter Module developed by GE. It is a part of the Mark V control system. It supports excitation for motor fields up to 24 amps. It is compatible with non-reversing field supplies, specifically designed to operate efficiently without the risk of plugging. It ensures reliable and precise control over field excitation, essential for maintaining optimal performance and efficiency of motors in industrial applications. The module includes a shunt rated for 25 amps, enhancing its capability to manage and control electrical currents effectively.

Software Voting in the System

  • Independent Sensor Readings: At the start of each computing cycle, each controller within the Mark V system independently reads its respective sensors. This ensures that each controller has a local snapshot of the current operating conditions based on its sensor inputs.
  • Data Exchange: Following the sensor readings, each controller exchanges its sensor data with the other two controllers in the system. This data exchange allows each controller to compare its own readings with those of its peers, promoting consensus on the system state.
  • Median Calculation: After receiving sensor data from all controllers, each controller calculates the median value for each analog input parameter. The median calculation is a critical step in the voting process, as it helps mitigate the effects of outliers or erroneous readings from individual controllers.
  • Control Parameter Determination: The median values calculated for each analog input parameter across the controllers are then used as the resultant control parameter for that specific controller. This approach ensures that the control decisions made by each controller are based on a robust and consensus-driven assessment of sensor data.
  • Diagnostic Monitoring: Throughout the operation, a diagnostic algorithm continuously monitors predefined deadbands for all analog inputs within each controller. A deadband is a tolerance range around a desired setpoint or value within which variations are considered acceptable. If any analog input deviates from its predefined deadband, indicating a potential fault or anomaly, a diagnostic alarm is triggered. These alarms are crucial as they promptly alert maintenance personnel to investigate and address potential issues before they escalate.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is DS2020FECNRX025A?
It is a Field Exciter Module developed by GE under the Mark V series.

What types of field supplies is it compatible with?
The module is compatible with non-reversing field supplies. It operates efficiently without the risk of plugging, ensuring the continuous and safe operation of motor fields.

What is the shunt capacity of the module?
The module includes a shunt rated for 25 amps. This enhances its capability to manage and control electrical currents effectively within the motor field excitation system.

What maintenance considerations should be made for the module?
Regular inspection and testing of the module's performance are recommended to ensure continued reliability. Ensuring proper cooling and environmental conditions also contributes to its long-term operational efficiency.