DS2020FECNRX025A - Field Exciter Board

DS2020FECNRX025A - Field Exciter Board DS2020FECNRX025A - Field Exciter Board

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Part No.: DS2020FECNRX025A
Manufacturer: General Electric
Product Type: Field Exciter (25 A)
Series: Mark V

DS2020FECNRX025A is a 25 A field exciter module developed by GE. It is a drive control component. There are 7 jumpers and 2 terminal blocks with 3 terminals each on the GE Field Exciter Board. JP1 through JP7 are the jumpers' designations. There are numerous prong-type connectors on the GE Line Protection Board.

  • The signal lines that connect to the board have their source on the attached component. When the first board from the factory is inserted in the drive, the jumpers are used. Complete instructions on how to put the board in the drive are included with the original manual. Also explains how to use a wrist strap to reduce the chance of static buildup and it goes into detail about the safety precautions.
  • There are instructions for turning off the drive before installing the board among the warnings. The drive will have several current sources, therefore the installer must turn off each one before starting the installation. The guide also gives a description of the jumpers. By adjusting the location of the jumpers, the user is able to alter the drive's behavior. The options will be explained in the handbook.
  • The jumpers are set to their default position when the unit leaves the factory. The most typical setting is default. You can switch to the alternative position if necessary. Both claims are backed up. Some jumpers only have one position because only the factory can use the alternate. For instance, the factory might test a product while wearing the alternate jumper position.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is DS2020FECNRX025A?
DS2020FECNRX025A is a field exciter module developed by GE.

How can I determine the amps that this board has?
The 025 at the end of the model number indicates that it is a 25 amp field exciter.

How to Obtain DS2020FECNRX025A?
WOC provides DS2020FECNRX025A as well as other turbine control products. Contact World of Controls.