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Part No.: DS2020FECNRX015A
Manufacturer: General Electric
Country of Manufacture: United States (USA)
Product Type: Field Exciter
Series: Mark V

DS2020FECNRX015A is a Field Exciter Module under the Mark V series of control systems. Up to a 24 A motor field can be excited by this module. It works with either non-plugging (NRX) or plugging non-reversing field supply (NRP). The component is developed as a 15 A drive control by General Electric.

  • The GE Field Exciter Board includes seven jumpers and two three-terminal terminal blocks. The jumpers' names are JP1 through JP7. The GE Line Protection Board has many prong-type connectors. On another drive component, the board is mounted on standoffs.
  • The signal wires that connect the board to the component to which it is connected begin on that component.

DS2020FECNRX015A Installation

  • Before the drive is installed, there are a few factors to take in mind while determining the installation site. Make that the power supply has an emergency shutoff device.
    If an emergency arises for the operator, servicer, or maintenance employees, it is vital that a shutdown device be accessible to disconnect all power to the drive.
  • Because the drive will have various power sources, it's critical to have shut-off devices for all of them. Because of the potential for shock from groundless power cords and equipment, the surrounding area should also have all 3-prong outlets.
  • The surrounding area's floor should likewise be clear of wetness. If the floor remains damp as a result of condensation, dehumidifiers may be required to dry the air. If there are puddles of water on the floor, keep it dry at all times to avoid shock.

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Frequently Asked Questions



What is DS2020FECNRX015A?
DS2020FECNRX015A is a Mark V field exciter component.

How many jumpers are there on board?
There are 7 jumpers on the card.

How to Obtain DS2020FECNRX015A?
WOC provides OEM turbine control products and ships on the same day. Contact World of Controls.

What is the amp rating on the component?
The component is a 15A exciter module.