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Part No.: DS2020FECNRP010A
Manufacturer: General Electric
Product Type: Field Exciter
Series: Mark V

The field exciter DS2020FECNRP010A belongs to the Mark V series. The GE Field Exciter Board DS2020FECNRP010A has seven jumpers and two terminal blocks, each with three terminals. JP1 through JP7 are the names of the jumpers.

  • Multiple prong-type connectors are also included on the GE Line Protection Board DS2020FECNRP010A. The board is mounted on standoffs on another drive component.
  • The signal wires that connect the board to the component to which it is connected begin on the component to which it is attached.
  • The drive is a high-voltage device that, if not used properly, can cause serious injury. Electrical burns and shock can result from the electrical energy, and the powerful moving parts might injure people in the proximity. As a result, personnel who service and maintain the drive must have a basic understanding of the drive's hazards and how to avoid difficulties.
  • First, inspect the surrounding area before handling the drive or any components inside the drive.
  • Make sure there is no dampness, oil, or grease on the floor. Water is an electrical conductor and can cause significant injury. Before you begin, make sure there is no wetness on the floor and that it is fully dry. If moisture is a persistent problem, dehumidifiers may be required on-site to prevent condensation.
  • Detergents can be used to remove oil and grease from the floor. Remove any ungrounded electrical cords as well, as they are a fire hazard.
  • Always keep in mind that the drive may have many power sources connected to it, and that you should always check for power before touching any components.
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Frequently Asked Questions on DS2020FECNRP010A


What is DS2020FECNRP010A?
DS2020FECNRP010A is a field exciter under GE Mark V series.

What is the amps of DS2020FECNRP010A?
DS2020FECNRP010A is a 10 A field exciter.

How to obtain DS2020FECNRP010A?
WOC offers DS2020FECNRP010A boards as well as other turbine control needs. For DS2020FECNRP010A, contact WOC now.