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Part No.: DS2020FEANRX050A
Manufacturer: General Electric
Product Type: Field Exciter Board
Series: Mark V

DS2020FEANRX050A is a field exciter board developed by GE. This board component is designed for use with the GE Mark V system. The Mark V was one of General Electric's successful Speedtronic turbine control systems, which were used to handle many types and sizes of industrial gas and steam turbines. While this system is now considered vintage and parts cannot be ordered directly from the manufacturer, World of Controls keeps stock on hand to rapidly satisfy orders.

  • This is a single-phase 50/60 Hz machine having a DC output of 500 volts and 50 amps. Before our staff prepares and packages the unit for transportation, it weighs about 56 pounds.
  • The board is a semi-open metallic chassis having access to the internal circuitry from two sides.
  • The item has four factory-made holes, one in each corner. These are placed so that the item may be installed and mounted properly.
    Factory-drilled holes can also be seen on the closed side of the chassis. Electrolytic capacitors, resistors, and diodes are used in the DS2020FEANRX050A's internal wiring.
  • A ten-pin connector (male) is situated above the transformer components of the unit. Wiring is included in the unit to facilitate connections to external components.
  • Original General Electric paperwork can be used to obtain proper handling information as well as thorough explanations of installation and maintenance. Datasheets, user instructions, and manuals from GE are included.

World of Controls has the most comprehensive selection of GE Speedtronic Mark V control replacement components. Please contact WOC if you require any additional information.


Frequently Asked Questions


What is DS2020FEANRX050A?
DS2020FEANRX050A is a field exciter board developed by GE.

How much does DS2020FEANRX050A weigh?
The component weighs approximately 56 pounds.

How to Obtain DS2020FEANRX050A?
WOC provides DS2020FEANRX050A as well as other turbine control products. Contact World of Controls.