DS2020FEANRX050A - Field Exciter Module

DS2020FEANRX050A - Field Exciter Module DS2020FEANRX050A - Field Exciter Module

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Part No.: DS2020FEANRX050A
Manufacturer: General Electric
Country of Manufacture: United States of America (USA)
Product Type: Field Exciter Module
Availability: In Stock
Series: Mark V

Functional Description

DS2020FEANRX050A is a Field Exciter Module developed by GE. It is a part of the Mark V control system. The exciter module operates at 600 volts and 50/60 Hz, is designed for single-phase use. It features a DC output of 500 volts at 50 amps and weighs approximately 56 lbs. Its construction is housed in a robust, long rectangular metallic chassis, designed for durability and protection of internal circuitry.


  • Access to Internal Circuitry: It features two open sides that allow easy access to the internal circuitry. This design facilitates maintenance tasks such as inspection, troubleshooting, and component replacement without requiring extensive disassembly.
  • Mounting Capability: On the back of the chassis, there are factory-drilled mounting holes positioned at each corner. These holes are strategically placed to ensure secure installation in various mounting configurations, enhancing stability and reliability in industrial environments.
  • Structural Integrity: The closed sides of the chassis also incorporate factory-drilled holes. These holes not only contribute to the structural integrity of the unit but also assist in heat dissipation and airflow management, crucial for maintaining optimal operating conditions.
  • Transformers: Positioned prominently on the circuit board are four white transformers. These transformers play a vital role in stepping voltage levels up or down as required, ensuring proper signal processing and distribution throughout the power supply unit.
  • Connector Configuration: Adjacent to the transformers is a 10-pin male connector located on the top left side of the board. This connector serves as a central point for interfacing with external systems, facilitating signal input and output for seamless integration into larger control and monitoring systems.
  • Cable Connections: At the bottom of the unit, there are two large cables securely fastened to connectors. These connectors are meticulously designed to provide a reliable interface for power transmission and control signals.
  • Secure Affixation: The cables are affixed using nuts, ensuring a secure and stable connection that minimizes the risk of disconnection or electrical interference. This robust connection mechanism enhances the overall reliability of the power supply unit in demanding operational environments.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is DS2020FEANRX050A?
It is a Field Exciter Module developed by GE under the Mark V series.

Can the module be used in both steady-state and dynamic motor control applications?
Yes, the module is designed to provide reliable excitation for both steady-state and dynamic motor control applications, ensuring versatile and efficient motor performance.

What are the benefits of using the module in motor control systems?
The module enhances motor performance by providing reliable and precise excitation. It supports both NRX and NRP field supplies, offering versatility for different motor control applications. Additionally, it helps maintain efficient and reliable operation, reducing the risk of motor failure.