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Part No.: DS2020EXPSG3
Manufacturer: General Electric
Country of Manufacture: USA
Product Type: Exciter Power Supply Board
Series: EX2000

DS2020EXPSG3 is an exciter power supply board developed by GE under the EX2000 series. It generates the necessary signals for measuring alternating current and direct current input power. When the supply is powered by the station battery, it also acts as a current limiter. The automatic voltage regulators and excitation systems of the EX2000 series are used in a wide range of turbine-generator applications. The EX2000 Excitation Control System is a sophisticated platform for generator excitation. 


JP1 identifies a manually moveable hardware jumper on the EXPS. JP1 connects the Tl secondary's center tap to ground.

DS2020EXPSG3 Board Replacement Procedure

  1. Switch off the power.
  2. To replace the EXPS board, the entire bulk power supply must be removed. Check for zero potential at all power supply assembly connections.
  3. To remove the power supply assembly, carefully disconnect the following connectors:
    1. Unplug the lFTB, 1TB-8TB, DCTB, VM2A, and VM2B connectors as needed.
    2. Disconnect the black and white wires on the CPS PTBl and PTB2 terminal boards. Unplug the ACPL.
  4. Remove the power supply assembly from the cabinet by carefully loosening the four assembly mounting screws. ACPL should not be removed.
  5. Transfer the assembly to a workbench and remove the four screws that hold the plastic protective cover in place. Unplug the DCPL, 3GDPL, and 4GDPL connectors from the EXPS board.
  6. Replace the old EXPS board with the new EXPS board. Set JPl on the replacement (new) board to the same position as on the board being replaced (old board).
  7. Reconnect the connectors that were removed in step 5. Replace the protective plastic cover and screws.
  8. Replace the power supply assembly in the cabinet. Reconnect the connectors that were removed in step 3.
    1. The cables are labeled with the connector name as it appears on the board. Reconnect all cables in the order they were removed. Check that the cables are properly seated on both ends.

DS2020EXPSG3 Features

  • The board is divided into three major components. A metal base with an attached circuit board, a second metal tier with an attached circuit board, and a plexiglass shield are among them. Each tier's circuit boards communicate with one another via surface-mounted electrical connections. The plexiglass shield is detachable and screws to the surface of the second layer. It has a prominent warning label that warns of the dangers of electrical shock or burns if the device is mistreated.
  • The bottom metal carrier is constructed with two top hat flanges that have each been drilled twice to allow the unit to be readily installed in position. A two-by-two terminal strip is installed in one corner of the metal carrier.

While GE no longer manufactures these boards, they are still available as fully tested modules through WOC. WOC is always available to assist you with your EX2000 requirements. Please contact WOC for further details.


Frequently Asked Questions


What is DS2020EXPSG3?
DS2020EXPSG3 is an exciter power supply board developed by GE under EX2000 series.

How much does the component weigh?
The component weighs 9 kg.

What are the voltage and power specifications of this board?
The exciter voltage and power ratings are 115V AC and 450 W respectively.

How to Obtain DS2020EXPSG3?
World of Controls provides the DS2020EXPSG3 as well as other turbine control products. Contact WOC.