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Part No.: DS2020EXPSG1
Manufacturer: General Electric
Product Type: Exciter Power Supply
Series: Mark V

DS2020EXPSG1 is an Exciter Power Supply component under Mark V series GE. This module is a customized power supply card designed for use with the Mark V Speedtronic series by General Electric. Mark V components are no longer manufactured by General Electric. WOC, on the other hand, sells these as tested and reconditioned equipment.

  • The DS2020EXPSG1 component operates as an Exciter Power Supply. The EX2000 brushless generator excitation system usually accommodates this circuit board. This is a microprocessor-controlled power converter featuring a terminal voltage regulator and an exciter field current regulator.
  • A metal base with two top hat flanges supports the board. This connects to a second metal carrier, which holds a second circuit board, as well as the top plexiglass cover. A huge high voltage label is printed on the plexiglass shield. To make mounting easier, the bottom metal carrier is drilled in four places at the factory.
  • Standoffs placed into pre-drilled holes secure the lower circuit board part of the card to the lower carrier. Transformers, stab-on connectors, heat sinks, fuse components, transistors, wire-wound resistors, and high-voltage capacitors are all on the lower board, which is a DS200GDPA board. There are also various LED indicators on the board.
  • The board has a DS200EXPS board as its upper circuit board. Eight standoffs are used to attach this board to the top metal carrier's surface. The upper plexiglass barrier entirely protects its surface. Inductor coils, metal oxide varistors, heat sinks, terminal strips, stab-on connections, and other connectors, as well as numerous capacitors and resistors, are all found on the board.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the function of DS2020EXPSG1?
DS2020EXPSG1 is an Exciter Power Supply component under Mark V series GE.

How to Obtain DS2020EXPSG1?
WOC provides DS2020EXPSG1 as well as other turbine control products. Contact World of Controls.