PWA135305-01 - Dual Vibration XY/Gap Monitor

PWA135305-01 - Dual Vibration XY/Gap Monitor PWA135305-01 - Dual Vibration XY/Gap Monitor

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Part Number: PWA135305-01
Manufacturer: Bently Nevada
Product Type: Dual Vibration Monitor
Series: 3300/16
Availability: In Stock
Country of Origin: USA

PWA135305-01 is a Dual Vibration XY/Gap Monitor manufactured by Bently Nevada and used in dual vibration monitor systems. The 3300/16 XY/Gap Dual Vibration Monitor accepts inputs from two proximity probe/Proximitor devices and continuously detects and monitors two independent channels of radial vibration and average shaft position (gap). The 3300/15 Dual Radial Vibration Monitor, which lacks radial position gap alerts, is intended to be replaced with this monitor. The real vibration has dropped below the setpoint level for the danger alarm. Contact your sales representative if the usual 4 Hz (240 CPM) low-frequency limit is insufficient for your application. For applications where the shaft rotative speed is less than 1,000 rpm, the 1 Hz (60 CPM) option is advised. Programmable by the user for +4 to +20 mA, 0 to -10 Vdc or +1 to +5 Vdc Voltage or current outputs are proportionate to the full-scale of the programmed monitor. There are separate recorder outputs per channel. Short circuits on recorder outputs have no impact on the monitor's operation.


Field Wiring Diagram

Fig 1: Field Wiring Diagram

RADIAL VIBRATION: Radial vibration is characterized as the dynamic motion of the shaft that is perpendicular to the shaft centerline. Values for two channels are displayed by the Dual Vibration Monitor (Channel A and B).

PROBE GAP VOLTAGE: The probe gap voltage is the measurement of the gap between the face of a proximity probe and the surface being examined. It is a negative dc voltage. By activating the GAP switch, the probe gap value for each channel is displayed on the front panel meter.

OK - If the Proximitor output voltage falls within its upper and lower limits. The monitor relay drive to the system relay, as well as the channel OK LED, is both controlled by the OK detecting circuit.

OK RELAY - The Power Input Module contains the OK Relay. To activate the OK Relay, every channel in the rack needs to be OK or bypassed.

GAP ALARM: The GapAlert setpoints are displayed when the GAP and ALERT switches are pressed simultaneously. The ALERT LEDs turn on and the corresponding Alert Alarmrelay connections are actuated when the gap level is equal to or outside the over and under set point window limitations for 6 seconds.

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