IC660ELB912J - Micro Genius Network Interface Card

IC660ELB912J - Micro Genius Network Interface Card IC660ELB912J - Micro Genius Network Interface Card

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Part Number: IC660ELB912J
Manufacturer: GE Fanuc
Product Type: Micro Genius Network Interface Card
Series: Mark I or II
Availability: In Stock
Country of Origin: United States (USA)

IC660ELB912 is a Micro Genius Network Interface board. It is intended to function as a daughterboard in a user's microprocessor system. Users can connect the Micro Genius and the motherboard in any CPU-type device capable of reading and writing to the Micro Genius's general-purpose shared RAM. This device is referred to as the host. Although the RAM interface is optimized for the IBM PC bus, it is easily adaptable to a variety of different CPU types. The Micro Genius effectively frees up the host by handling all data exchanges between the host and the Genius I/O bus. The host can now control remote I/O. It accomplishes this by utilizing Genius I/O features such as high reliability and noise immunity.

Functional Description

In a user microprocessor system, this GE Fanuc uGENI network interface block serves as a daughter board. They can be interfaced on any CPU that can read and write to the uGENI's general purpose shared RAM. The host device is represented by this block. It is in charge of all transfers between the host and the brilliant I/O block.

IC660ELB912 Features

  • Furthermore, the host can use the Genius LAN's communication features to communicate with other hosts. In certain ways, the Micro Genius functions as a general-purpose controller, managing initialization chores and faults for over 30 additional bus devices.
  • Each device controls an I/O, and the Micro Genius maintains images of each one up to date. It can also communicate with other controllers using Global Data, datagrams, and Directed Control Data messages. On its single-printed circuit board, the Micro Genius contains a number of sophisticated components.
  • To send messages to the MIT chip, it employs a 6303 serial interface CPU. This chip maintains the bus's hardware interface and provides support services. It handles error checking, LED drivers, and a timer function, among other things.
  • The MIT and bus transmit and receive signals are closely monitored by a transmit/receive circuit. To exchange data, the Micro Genius has twin-port RAM. This is done between the 6303 microprocessor and the 64180 manager microprocessor.
  • The dual-port RAM ensures that the two processors have equal access because they operate two different systems. This is managed by a GAL, which delivers memory to either CPU byte by byte. The 64180 additionally has its own 8Kb of RAM for its own usage.

IC660ELB912 Mounting

  • The Micro Genius should be mounted to the motherboard with spacers. This is accomplished by inserting screws, standoffs, or plastic PCB supports into the motherboard's four corner holes. Use no sticky products on the board. Micro Genius board not be installed in such a way that airflow across the board is obstructed.
  • Users should avoid mounting it within 1/8 inch of any other board or component on the motherboard. To operate logic power, the Micro Genius board requires a 5V DC supply.


  • Handheld displays are supported by this I/O. Backward compatibility exists for blocks. The isolated Block is responsible for configuring both inputs and outputs. The Host will not be interrupted by PCIM Manager. A gadget transmits Broadcast Control data.
  • I/O circuit updates are part of communication. The shared RAM memory is split into two tables.

Product Attributes

  • Using universal data, it converses with other controllers.
  • It has high reliability
  • It controls the hardware interface using an MIT chip.

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What is IC660ELB912?
IC660ELB912 is a Micro Genius Network Interface board developed by GE Fanuc

Is the component compatible with a portable monitor?
Yes, the card works perfectly with a handheld monitor.

How many outputs and inputs references will be used by the card?
8,000 input and output references will be used.

What happens if the card is set to outputs only?
If the card is configured as outputs-only, it will only write to Genius block outputs.

Is the board bus controller compatible?
This card is compatible with any GE Fanuc Genius bus controller.

Which is the country of manufacture of this board?
The product was originally manufactured in the United States.

What happens if the card is set to just accept inputs?
If the card is configured as inputs-only, it will only read Genius block information.