GE Fanuc Logic Expander Circuit Board

GE Fanuc Logic Expander Circuit Board GE Fanuc Logic Expander Circuit Board

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Part No.: IC3600LLXA1A
Manufacturer: General Electric
Product Type: GE Fanuc logic expander Circuit Board
Series: Mark I & II

The IC3600LLXA1A is a PCB component for steam or gas turbine management in the Mark I and/or Mark II series. While newer Speedtronic systems such as the Mark V and Mark VI have rendered the MKI/MKII outdated, they are still in use in many areas. Both systems were designed to control turbine output power over a wide load range, limit maximum output to stay within the unit's capabilities, sequence the turbines and auxiliaries for a startup, provide a precautionary shutdown in the event of a system failure, and annunciate and monitor problems.

  • The IC3600LLXA1A has a small number of components. It performs the role of a logic expander. It primarily consists of a single line of nine carbon composite resistors. "R1" is written on every resistor. Aside from this line, the board features two diode lines, which are arranged in groups of four, three, or two on the board. CR1, CR2, CR3, or CR4 are the designations for these diodes. There is no rhyme or reason to this.
  • The diode lines are broken up by nine through-hole wires that contain no components but are labeled with a "6" beneath them. The board's far side is numbered. The board has fifty-one metal pins above this numbering. The card has two holes punched in it. On its surface is printed the GE logo, the code, and the board number.
  • Before shipping the IC3600LLXA1A to your location, our team will wrap it in a static-reducing sleeve. Before beginning installation, please study any retained manuals, datasheets, or other OEM papers referencing this product for safety data and other essential information.

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The initial technical support has been supplied by General Electric. For safety procedures and instructions on how to install the part, World of Control suggests consulting the original manufacturer's documentation.


Frequently Asked Questions


What is the function of IC3600LLXA1A?

IC3600LLXA1A performs the role of a logic expander.

How to Obtain IC3600LLXA1A?

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