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Part No.: DS3820DMCB1A1A
Manufacturer: General Electric
Product Type: Contact Input Module
Series: Mark IV

DS3820DMCB1A1A is a contact input module developed by GE. It's a control system housing unit intended for the Mark IV series of control systems. General Electric has discontinued this product, but WOC continues to try to stock the DS3820DMCB1A1A housing unit for our valued customers. If you're interested in purchasing a this housing unit, please contact WOC to speak with one of our sales professionals, who can inform you of the product's availability and assist you in making your purchase.

  • The housing unit for the PCB is large and rectangular. This module is mainly hollow, with two flat metal sections enclosing its contents and held by four screws each. The housing unit's hollow interior is designed to contain two circuit boards.
  • The top and bottom pieces, which are manufactured specifically to contain these circuit boards, are used to secure and protect them.
  • The circuit boards are intended to power the GE Speedtronic gas turbine control system line. The housing unit is a useful piece of technology for folks who have extra circuit boards that they need to keep safe and secure.
  • The overall weight of the housing unit is approximately 1.11 lbs. (0.50 kg). This figure does not include any of the packaging materials used by WOC to package the products we offer. These packing materials were created with the goal of providing protection.

World of Controls has the most comprehensive selection of GE Speedtronic Mark IV control components. At any time, our experts are accessible to help you with your Mark IV obligations. Please contact WOC as soon as possible if you require any extra information.


Frequently Asked Questions


What is DS3820DMCB1A1A?
DS3820DMCB1A1A is a contact input module developed by GE.

How much does DS3820DMCB1A1A weigh?
The weight of the housing unit is around 500 grams.

How to Obtain DS3820DMCB1A1A?
World of Controls provides DS3820DMCB1A1A as well as other turbine control products. Contact WOC.