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Part Number: DS3815PAAA
Manufacturer: General Electric
Series: Mark IV
Product Type: Printed Circuit Board

DS3815PAAA is an Auxiliary Board and is part of the GE Speedtronic Mark IV gas turbine control systems for industrial and steam turbines. The auxiliary board was designed with an optional auxiliary board in mind (DS3815PABA.) A vertical male connector near the top edge of the DS3815PAAA connects the two boards. On the left and right borders of the board, there are two more PCB mating connectors. A 218A4553-1 A/mp 533002-1 connector is the first of them. A 218A4637P1 connection is the other. Three light-emitting diodes make up the board. One amber and two red LEDs are included. 

  • There are seven test points on the board. DATA/SYNC/DSYNC/COM/RST/COM/TEST is the label for these. There are also fourteen jumper switches on the board, which are clustered in three positions on the board. Along the top border, J1-J5 is situated. 
  • J6 occupies the bottom right corner by himself. This can be turned on or off. J7-J14 are located along the bottom border of the board and can be adjusted to zero or one. 
  • There are twenty-five circuits in the DS3815PAAA. 8-bit HMOS microprocessors, octal buffers, hex inverters, quad-d flip-flops, and 2048-bit static HMOS RAM with I/O ports are among the items on the list.

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What is GE Mark IV?

The Mark IV safeguards the turbine against flame loss, fire, high pressure, Overspeed, and overheating. It has three microprocessor-based systems that run at the same time to ensure that the turbine operates at optimal efficiency.

Where Can I Get GE Mark IV Spare Parts?

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Does the DS3815PAAA have a Warranty?

WOC can also supply UNUSED and REBUILT DS3815PAAA backed up with a warranty of 24 months.