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Part No.: DS3800XPEX1B1A
Manufacturer: General Electric
Product Type: Relay Driver
Series: Mark IV

The General Electric Speedtronic Mark IV turbine family includes the DS3800XPEX1B1A that acts as a relay driver. Turbines are the primary producers of energy utilized around the world, and they employ internal combustion engines to create a gas mixture to power them. One little yellow capacitor on the DS3800XPEX1B1A stores excess energy in an electrical field. In the center of the board, the DS3800XPEX1B1A has a long metal track. On either side of this metal, track are four lines of metal pins. These pins can be used as Jumper ports, with a cover that can be moved around between the metal pins to guide the flow of energy around the circuit board.

  • To make installation straightforward, the board contains roughly twenty-six drilled holes around the exterior border of the board. Ten black male terminal connection ports are available on the board. The DS3800XPEX1B1A can be linked to the surrounding circuit boards using these male ports. A number and a letter are labeled on each portion of the board.
  • Two silver resistors in the board limit energy flow. The numerous colored bands along the perimeter of the resistor represent the resistor's limiting capabilities. One black diode is present in the DS3800XPEX1B1A. The energy can only go in one direction through a diode.
  • More information regarding them can be found in GE manuals and product guides, as well as other related material. Before you unbox any part and undertake any installation, make sure you understand all handling procedures. It is not recommended to handle, maintain, or install this equipment without first reading and comprehending the related documented hazards.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is DS3800XPEX1B1A?

DS3800XCIA is a Relay Driver under the GE Mark IV series.

How to Obtain DS3800XPEX1B1A?

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