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Part No.: DS3800NVCD1D1C
Manufacturer: General Electric
Product Type: Conditioning card
Series: Mark IV

The GE DS3800NVCD1D1C conditioning card fits into the company's Mark IV turbine control system as a replacement board. Since the 1960s, GE Speedtronic devices have improved the reliability of gas and steam industrial systems. The Mark IV, on the other hand, featured a ground-breaking architecture that included three independent controllers, all of which employed microprocessors. Because of its capacity to keep functioning even if one of the controllers fails, this type of design decreases downtime and boosts efficiency. Because the Mark IV uses a two-out-of-three voting system, it can stay operational as long as two of its controllers can 'vote' on which data to use. The system continues to function even if one of the three controllers fails.

  • The DS3800NVCD1D1C conditioning card is a single rectangular board with mounting holes already drilled. Extractor clips occupy two of these pre-drilled holes. When modules need to be replaced or maintained, extractors are utilized to pull them from their rack placement. However, they also assist users during installation by providing a secure grip on the board.
  • Through-hole (TH) mounted components are used in the board. Resistors, integrated circuits, transistors, capacitors, and diodes are all examples of this. The board does, however, have two bigger transistors that are screwed to the surface. These transistors are housed in heat sinks to remove any accumulated heat before it affects the board's performance.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is DS3800NVCD1D1C?

DS3800NVCD1D1C is a conditioning card under the Mark IV series developed by GE.


How to Obtain DS3800NVCD1D1C?

World of Controls provides DS3800NVCD1D1C as well as other turbine control products. Contact WOC.


How long does it take WOC to ship DS3800NVCD1D1C?

WORLD OF CONTROLS can supply UNUSED and REBUILT components backed up with a warranty. Same-day shipment is available.