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Part Number: DS3800NRFA1F1E
Manufacturer: General Electric
Series: Mark IV
Function: Ramp and Follower Board

The GE DS3800NRFA1F1E is a Ramp and Follower Board. This series is in charge of steam/gas turbine systems. It can boost the efficiency of steam/gas turbine systems by automating routine tasks like start-up and shutdown. It can also be used to monitor emissions from fuel, air, and water.

  • This board is designed to accommodate an optional auxiliary board (DS3800DRFA). This optional board, when installed, provides access to additional components such as potentiometers. Nineteen board-to-board pins connect the DS3800DRFA to the DS3800NRFA1F1E. These are located in a line parallel to the board's right side.
  • It is equipped with the following features: It has a total of eight red LEDs. LEDs are labeled individually. There are six test points. These are denoted by the numbers TP 0 through TP 5. It has a single Augat 28-pin (female) connector. It has a single transistor. There is only one PCB mating connector (218A4553-1 Amp.) There are 31 circuits in total, including hex inverting gates. It is made up of metal film resistors as well as ceramic and polyester film capacitors.
  • The circuit board has been factory-drilled and aligned at all corners. Both right corners have extractors installed. These clips are intended to protect the components and circuits on the board by providing technicians with a lever point during extraction and a handle during insertion, which is especially important when working conditions are limited.

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What is DS3800NRFA1F1E?
DS3800NRFA1F1E is a Ramp and Follower Board developed by GE.

How to Obtain DS3800NRFA1F1E?
World of Controls provides DS3800NRFA1F1E as well as other turbine control products. Contact WOC.