DS3800NPRB1A1A - Proximitor Interface

DS3800NPRB1A1A - Proximitor Interface DS3800NPRB1A1A - Proximitor Interface

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Part No.: DS3800NPRB1A1A
Manufacturer: General Electric
Product Type: Proximitor Interface Board
Series: Mark IV

DS3800NPRB1A1A is a Proximitor interface board developed by GE under Mark IV series. A converter is prominently shown near the board's lower-left corner. The converter indicates the component's voltage, which is 12VDC or 12 volts DC.

  • On the left edge of the PCB, adjacent to the converter, is a lengthy connector port that is black. On the other edge of the card is a blue male pin connector port that is smaller in size. This blue port is in the middle of a ten-point test sequence.
  • The initials TP, which range from TP0 to TP9, are used to identify these test points. Twenty-seven integrated circuits are strewn across the PCB. A number of capacitors of various sizes are sandwiched between the integrated circuits. The circular capacitors are available in a variety of colors, including yellow and white.
  • There are over a hundred resistors on the PCB. Several diodes are & nbsp;also positioned on the circuit board. The letters A through J are labeled at the upper border of the DS3800NPRB1A1A board.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is DS3800NPRB1A1A?
DS3800NPRB1A1A is a Proximitor interface board developed by GE under Mark IV series.

What is the Voltage rating on DS3800NPRB1A1A?
The voltage rating on the board is 12VDC.

How to Obtain DS3800NPRB1A1A?
World of Controls provides DS3800NPRB1A1A and other turbine control parts. Contact us.