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Part Number: DS3800HUMB1A1A
Manufacturer: General Electric
Series: Mark IV
Product Type: Universal Memory Board

The GE Universal Memory Board DS3800HUMB1A1A is made to fit into the drive quickly. On one end, the board has a modular connector, while on the other, it has retention levers. One reset toggle switch and one red indicator LED are also included on the GE Universal Memory Board DS3800HUMB1A1A. Multiple electrically erasable programmable read-only memory (EPROM) modules and 30 jumpers are also included on the board.

  • The GE Universal Memory Board DS3800HUMB1A1A includes four EEPROM module sockets. While the modules are put on the sockets, they can be written to. This makes it simple and quick to implement new code updates.
  • For instance, if the firmware is causing an issue and a repair is available in the most recent firmware version, the module can be updated. To do this, move the toggle switch to the position specified on the board's surface. Return the toggle switch to its original position when finished.
  • The modules can be removed from the problematic board and inserted on the new board when the GE Universal Memory Board DS3800HUMB1A1A needs to be replaced. The modules are designed to be withdrawn and reused after being put on a socket. A screwdriver can be inserted into a notch on each module. Pry one end of the module off with the tool. Then, place the blade into the module's opposite end, and it will pop out of the socket. Place the module in a static protective bag and wear a static protective device, such as a wrist strap.

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What is DS3800HUMB1A1A?
DS3800HUMB1A1A is a Universal Memory Board under the GE Speedtronic Mark IV series.

How many Jumpers are included in DS3800HUMB1A1A?
30 jumpers are also included on DS3800HUMB1A1A.

From where can I buy DS3800HUMB1A1A?
WOC provides DS3800HUMB1A1A boards as well as other turbine control needs. For more details, contact WOC now.