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Part No.: DS3800HSCG1D1E
Manufacturer: General Electric
Product Type: Level Isolator Board
Series: Mark IV

The GE DS3800HSCG1D1E is a High-Level Isolator Board. It is designed for easy installation in the drive. On one end, the board has a modular connector, while on the other, it has retention levers. There are 8 jumpers and 1 trimmer resistor on the GE High-Level Isolator Board DS3800HSCG1D1E. There's also a 34-pin connector with retention levers and a programmable interrupt controller on the board. The GE High-Level Isolator Board has only one 34-pin connector to which a 34-pin ribbon cable must be connected. To connect the modular connector, you insert the board into the rack and press it into the rack with your thumbs. To secure it, press down on the retention levers.

  • Before you begin the installation, you must always detach the drive from the power source. This necessitates understanding how the drive is powered and how to safely disengage the power.
  • The ribbon cable should then be connected. Inside the drive, the ribbon cable must be appropriately routed. This entails preventing it from obstructing the drive's air vents at the top and bottom.
  • Cool air enters the vehicle from the bottom vents. It flows over the driving components and leaves as hot air through the top air vents.
  • When the air vents are blocked, the drive heats up, causing it to shut down automatically.
  • The drive is protected from damage by the automatic shutdown. The temperature at which the drive should be shut down is defined by a threshold.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is DS3800HSCG1D1E?

DS3800HSCG1D1E is a High-Level Isolator Board developed by GE.


How does the drive heat up?

The Drive heat up when the air vents are blocked, causing it to shut down automatically.


DS3800HSCG1D1E comes under which series?

DS3800HSCG1D1E comes under GE speedtronic Mark IV series.


Does the DS3800HSCG1D1E have a Warranty?

WOC can supply UNUSED and REBUILT DS3800HSCG1D1E backed up with a warranty.