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Part No.: DS3800HPRB1A1A
Manufacturer: General Electric
Product Type: Pulse Rate Input Board
Series: Mark IV

DS3800HPRB1A1A is a Pulse Rate Input Card developed by General Electric under the Mark IV series. It's made to be installed quickly in the drive. On one end, the board has a modular connector, while on the other, it has retention levers. There are 12 jumpers and 1 trimmer resistor on the GE Pulse Rate Input Board DS3800HPRB1A1A. A programmable interrupt controller, various programmable interval timer devices, and multiple capacitors are also included on the board.

  • Field programming is not available for the programmable interrupt controller and programmable interval timer devices. They are programmed during board construction, and the devices cannot be configured prior to installation.
  • The trimmer resistor, on the other hand, can be set prior to installation. And can be modified by turning a screw on the device's top. The trimmer resistor can be adjusted by a qualified servicer.
  • The full-function testing device must be used and calibrated by the servicer. The servicer must also be able to alter the board in order to improve the drive's performance. Also, be aware of the risks associated with working within the drive. The possibility of electric shock is one factor to consider when operating inside the drive.
  • A high-voltage shock can occur if the drive's components are contacted when the current is present. This can result in electric burns or harm. Before touching the components, be sure the drive has been turned off. Keep in mind that the drive has multiple electric power sources. There are some that use dc power and others that use ac power. After you've turned off the power, use testing equipment to make sure there's no electricity left.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is DS3800HPRB1A1A?
DS3800HPRB1A1A is a Pulse Rate Input Card developed by General Electric under Mark IV series

How to Obtain DS3800HPRB1A1A?
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