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Part Number: DS3800HIOD1H1G
Manufacturer: General Electric
Series: Mark IV
Function: Line Driver

DS3800HIOD1H1G is a Digital I/O Board manufactured by General Electric and it's a part of the Speedtronic Mark IV Series used for gas turbine control systems. The DS3800HIOD1H1G Digital I/O Board is designed for easy installation in the drive. On one end, the board has a modular connector, while on the other, it has retention levels. Two 10-pin connectors and one 40-pin connector are positioned between the retention levers on the GE Digital I/O Board, making them accessible from the front of the board. There are also six jumpers on it. It is sensitive to static electricity build-up.

  • You can prevent static from entering the board by taking appropriate precautions. To begin, the board is packaged in a sealed static protection container and shipped to you.
  • To handle the board, use a static protective wrist strap. Wrap one end of the strap over your wrist or arm. The cord's opposite end features a clip that can be fastened to a metal chair, post, or another metal item.

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What is GE Mark IV DS3800HIOD1H1G?

DS3800HIOD1H1G is a Digital I/O Board manufactured by General Electric and it's a part of the Speedtronic Mark IV Series.

What is a digital I/O board?

A digital I/O board is an interface board that allows a computer to simultaneously input and output digital signals.

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