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DS2020EXPSG3/ 336A7108P22

DS2020EXPSG3/ 336A7108P22 DS2020EXPSG3/ 336A7108P22

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Part No.: DS2020EXPSG3/ 336A7108P22
Manufacturer: General Electric
Product Type: EX2000 Power Supply
Series: EX2000

DS2020EXPSG3/ 336A7108P22 is an EX2000 Power Supply component developed by General Electric. The GE Energy EX2000 Excitation Control System is a platform for generator excitation. Multiple controllers, power bridges, and transformers are used in this excitation system. In GE Documentation, the component is identified by the functional acronym EXPS.WOC stocks, tests, and repairs the boards for this system.

  • Automatic voltage regulators and excitation systems from the EX2000 family are used in a wide range of turbine-generator applications. The EX2000 J-frame and L-frame static excitation systems (1200A – 8000A dc) have a common power converter design and can be found on hundreds of large steam, hydro, and heavy-duty gas turbine generators.
  • The system's small footprint and dependable architecture can now be updated over time as budget and operational reliability demands. With a considerable percentage of EX2000 static exciters now using updated controls, the modular system design allows for selective updates to other essential aspects of the system while maintaining reliable revenue services.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is DS2020EXPSG3/ 336A7108P22?
DS2020EXPSG3/ 336A7108P22 is an EX2000 Power Supply component developed by General Electric.

From where can I buy DS2020EXPSG3/ 336A7108P22?
World of Controls provides EX2000 Excitation Control system components and other gas turbine parts. Contact World of Controls.