86691-01250-0400-15 - Vibration Probe

86691-01250-0400-15 - Vibration Probe 86691-01250-0400-15 - Vibration Probe

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Part Number: 86691-01250-0400-15
Manufacturer: Bently Nevada
Product Type: Vibration Probe
Availability: In Stock
Country of Manufacture: United States (USA)

86691-01250-0400-15 is a Vibration Probe manufactured and designed by Bently Nevada. In industrial plants, proximity probe systems based on eddy current technology are common. Non-contacting eddy current systems for condition monitoring measurement and/or automatic machine trip shutdown are likely to be found wherever a medium or highly critical machine is in operation. These machines are protected and monitored by the Bently Nevada Proximitor probe system. The Bently Nevada product line has produced and tested over 2 million 3300XL systems. Baker Hughes is constantly fine-tuning to provide consistency, thanks to full access to statistical process control. For root cause analysis, data is based on serial numbers dating back decades. That is an unrivaled level of knowledge.

Functional Description

  • A Proximitor is a precision instrument, and it or a cable may need to be replaced from time to time. There is essentially no way to replace the part and ensure that the reading is correct without interchangeability. Unless the plant actually stocked the exact calibrated match for the Proximitor or probe cable in need of replacement.
  • To ensure the correct reading, the plant would need to shut down the machine, remove the machine covers, and access the bearings in order to replace all three at once probe, Proximitor, and cable. That may not be an issue in some industries. It is unacceptable in critical process industries where equipment is expected to run for years without stopping.

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What is 86691-01250-0400-15?
It is a Vibration Probe manufactured by Bently Nevada.

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