84137-01 (78462-02) - XDCR I/O & Record Terminals

84137-01 (78462-02) - XDCR I/O & Record Terminals 84137-01 (78462-02) - XDCR I/O & Record Terminals

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Part Number: 84137-01 (78462-02)
Manufacturer: Bently Nevada
Model: 84137
Series: 3300/45
Availability: In Stock

84137-01 (78462-02) is an XDCR I/O and Record Terminals manufactured by Bently Nevada as a part of the 3300/45 series used in Differential Expansion Monitoring systems. Two channels of continuous differential expansion monitoring are provided by the Bently Nevada 3300/45 Dual Differential Expansion Monitor. Differential expansion is measured in both amplitude and direction. Each channel can have four alarm setpoints (two over and two under alarms). For equipment that only requires measurement at one area, Channel B of the monitor can be switched off. Differential Expansion refers to the measurement of the rotor's axial position in relation to the machine casing at a point away from the thrust bearing.

Axial clearances are affected by changes in an axial position relative to the casing, which is mainly caused by thermal expansion during startup and shutdown. A proximity probe transducer fixed to the machine casing and observing an axial surface of the rotor is commonly used to make the measurement. It is part of a Turbine Supervisory Instrumentation system.



1. Differential Expansion Monitoring Magnitude and Direction
2. There are four alarm setpoints: two override alarms and two underride alarms.
3. Signals from two proximity probe transducers
4. 10 k input impedance

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What is Bently Nevada 84137-01 78462-02?

Bently Nevada 84137-01 78462-02 XDCR input and output Record Terminals are part of the 3300/45 series and are utilized in Differential Expansion Monitoring systems.

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