8200-177 - EM and LQ Digital Driver

8200-177 - EM and LQ Digital Driver 8200-177 - EM and LQ Digital Driver

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Part Number: 8200-177
Manufacturer: Woodward
Product Type: EM and LQ Digital Driver
Input Voltage: 120VAC
Model: 1�5 Vdc Speed Bias
Power Supply Input: (18 to 32) V (dc)
Maximum Stub Length: 300 mm (+40 to +85 �C)
Dimensions: H461mm x W265mm x D59mm
Network Isolation: 0�60 Hz: 1000 Vrms
Power Source: 95-130
Speed Sensing: 1 to 30 Vac
Output Voltage Rating: 24VDC, 16A
Availability: In Stock
Country of Origin: United States
Operating Temperature: �40 to +85 �C
Weight: 24.0 lbs
Manual: 26159


8200-177 is an EM and LQ Digital Driver manufactured and designed by Woodward. For a variety of prime mover control applications, the EM and LQ drivers and the EM/LQ actuator/valve offer tough and dependable all-electric actuation systems. For the most demanding applications, including variable geometry steam valves, gas valves, water valves, and flow control valves, the systems offer high bandwidth and high precision. According to a position demand signal that they receive from a controlling device, the EM and LQ drivers proportionally control the position of an EM actuator or LQ valve.

The EM and LQ drivers are digital controls that provide reliable control over a wide variety of actuator load inertias and friction levels by utilizing cutting-edge, model-based control algorithms. As a configuration tool, the Driver Interface Program (DIP) is available. To set up and monitor the system, a Computer connects to the EM/LQ drivers. Other configuration options for the drivers include RS-485 and a MicroNetTM control system. The EM/LQ digital drivers offer a variety of interfaces to use for control and configuration:

  • 4�20 mA position demand and feedback interface (control only).
  • RS-485 interface for control, setup, and configuration. This interface works with a NetCon� or MicroNetTM control with the Real Time Serial I/O module.
  • RS-232 interface to a PC, using the Servlink protocol. A PC-based program provides setup and configuration features.


EM/LQ DRIVER MOUNTING: The driver needs to be fixed to a vertical surface so that the wires can come out of it either upwards or downwards. Considerations for EM/LQ driver mounting location:

  • Vertical mounting
  • Specified environmental limits
  • Cooling airflow
  • Clearance for gland plate removal and cables
  • Clearance for removal of EM/LQ driver cover

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