5461-798 - N1 Speed Control

5461-798 - N1 Speed Control 5461-798 - N1 Speed Control

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Part Number: 5461-798
Manufacturer: Woodward
Product type: N1 Speed Control
Availability: In stock
Country of Manufacture: United States (USA)

Functional Description

5461-798 is a N1 Speed Control Module developed by Woodward. At its core, the Module boasts a sophisticated architecture that enables precise control over the system. With its intricate circuitry and intelligent algorithms, this module ensures that the desired speed is maintained with exceptional accuracy, contributing to efficient and optimized system performance.


  • The MicroNet platform offers diverse communication options for programming, servicing the control system, and interfacing with external systems like Plant DCS and HMI. Woodward's GAP and Ladder Logic programming tools are harnessed to create Application code. For system observation and optimization, a service interface is available, enabling users to monitor and adjust system variables. Various tools, as detailed in the Engineering and Service Access section, facilitate this interface.
  • The platform encompasses communication protocols such as TCP/IP, OPC, Modbus, and other contemporary designs. This inclusive range of protocols empowers users to seamlessly connect the control to existing or new plant-level systems, ensuring accurate and efficient interactions between components.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is 5461-798?
It is a N1 Speed Control developed by Woodward.

Can the MicroNet TMR platform be scaled for larger systems?
Yes, the MicroNet TMR platform is highly flexible and can be scaled to accommodate systems of varying sizes. It allows for the addition of multiple chassis as required by the system's demands.

What types of I/O configurations are supported by the MicroNet TMR platform?
The MicroNet TMR platform is capable of accommodating any mix of I/O, including networked and distributed I/O, providing adaptability to different operational requirements.

How many VME slots does the MicroNet TMR main control chassis have?
The MicroNet TMR main control chassis features a total of 18 VME slots, all of which are dedicated to the control section of the system.