5461-781 - Synchonizer

5461-781 - Synchonizer 5461-781 - Synchonizer

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Part Number: 5461-781
Manufacturer: Woodward
Product type:
Country of Manufacture: United States (USA)

5461-781 is a synchonizer board developed by Woodward. This board has been discontinued by Woodward from the production. Contact WOC for the availability and details of this board.

Product Attributes

  • Control Method: The synchronizer may use specific control methods such as phase-lock loop (PLL) or vector synchronization to ensure accurate and stable synchronization of the generators or motors.
  • Frequency Range: It may be designed to operate within a specific frequency range, depending on the application and industry.
  • Display: The synchronizer may have a built-in display that provides information about the status and performance of the synchronization process.
  • Alarms: It may have alarms or warning signals that alert operators to any issues or faults in the synchronization process.
  • User Interface: The synchronizer may have a user interface that allows operators to configure and adjust the synchronization parameters.
  • Power Supply: It may require a specific power supply voltage and current to operate.
  • Environmental Protection: The synchronizer may be designed to provide environmental protection against dust, moisture, vibration, and other factors that can affect performance and reliability.
  • Maintenance Requirements: The synchronizer may require periodic maintenance, such as cleaning or calibration, to ensure optimal performance and longevity.