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5461-650 - T/C Input Board

5461-650 - T/C Input Board 5461-650 - T/C Input Board

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Part Number: 5461-650
Manufacturer: Woodward
Product type: T/C Input Board

5461-650 is a T/C input board developed by Woodward. This product has been discontinued by the Manufacture from production. Contact WOC for the availability of this module.


  • Connect a single-pole, single-throw contact from terminal 16 (low voltage controls: terminal 0) to terminal 19, the Close For Rated (open for idle, close for rated) terminal. Oil pressure is frequently used to seal this contact. When terminal 19 is closed, 20 to 40 Vdc is applied, and the prime mover can operate at a speed greater than idle. When the contact is opened, the voltage is removed from terminal 19, and the speed of the prime mover is immediately reduced to idle.
  • Terminals 20 (+) and 21 are connected by the actuator wires (-). Use shielded wires and connect the shield to terminal 22. Connecting the shield to the actuator or any other point is not permitted.
  • The shield must be continuous all the way to the actuator and isolated from all other conducting surfaces.
  • If a remote Speed Trim potentiometer is used, a jumper must be connected to terminals 23 and 24. If you use a Speed Trim potentiometer. Connect it using shielded wire as shown in the plant wiring diagram (Figure 1-2). Connect terminal 22 to the shield. Check that the shield has continuity all the way to the potentiometer and that it is isolated from all other conducting surfaces. A 100 potentiometer will allow you to adjust the speed by 5%. Smaller potentiometers can be used if less adjustment is required. Potentiometers with multiple turns are recommended.

Product Attributes

  • For external signals and power, the NPM module has three card edge connectors (P1, P2 and P3). Connector P1 connects to the Controlway, common (ground), and +5 VDC power. ConnectorP2 connects the NPM and NIS modules.
  • Connecto rP3 communicates between the primary and backup process control unit interfaces. The NPM module communicates with the NIS module via the I/O expander bus within its process control unit.