5453-278 - MicroNet 12 Slot Chassis

5453-278 - MicroNet 12 Slot Chassis 5453-278 - MicroNet 12 Slot Chassis

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Part Number: 5453-278
Manufacturer: Woodward
Product type: MicroNet 12 Slot Chassis
Repair: 3-7 Day
Weight: 25.05 lbs
Dimensions: 19.00 x 13.50 x 14.50
Availability: In Stock
Country of Manufacture: United States (USA)

Functional Description

5453-278 is a MicroNet 12 Slot Chassis developed by Woodward. There are twelve slots in this chassis for remote transceiver and I/O (input/output) modules. This allows for one Remove XCVR or RTN module and eleven I/O modules, but no redundant RTN modules. In addition to the 12 XCVR/RTN-I/O slots, there are two power supply positions, allowing for redundant power input. Each power supply module occupies three slots of chassis space. When power supply and I/O slots are counted, the chassis has a total width of 18 slots. To maintain proper cooling flow through the chassis, if a power supply or I/O module slot is not occupied, it must be filled with a blanking plate. New applications should not be developed using the 12 slot expansion chassis. Only in retrofit situations where the chassis is already installed should the 12 slot expansion chassis be used.


  • The MicroNet is built around a six-slot modular chassis (block). Each block is made up of a premolded cage with a fan for cooling and a temperature switch for detecting high temperatures.
  • The chassis are cooled by forced air, and to maintain proper air flow, a module or a module blank must be installed in each slot. When power is applied to the system, the fans start up. The twelve-slot MicroNet expansion chassis is made up of three blocks, with a motherboard inserted in the back to connect the fans, switches, power supplies, and control modules.
  • For connector specification and data transfer, the modules employ the VERSAmodule Eurocard (VME) bus standard. An etched-circuit motherboard connects the logic and power slots to one another.
  • I/O connections are made by running cables from the front of the modules to the cabinet's field termination modules (FTMs). Any I/O module can be installed in any of the slots designated for I/O modules from a module connector standpoint. However, when the application software is designed, each module is assigned to a specific slot, and the software then expects that specific I/O module to be in its designated slot at all times.

Product Attributes

  • Expandability for Future Needs: The chassis comes equipped with 12 available slots, offering the versatility to accommodate additional components as necessitated by evolving requirements. This expandability ensures that the system can be upgraded and scaled to meet changing demands, adding a layer of future-proofing to its functionality.
  • Efficient Cooling Mechanism: The chassis incorporates provisions for efficient cooling, a critical aspect in preventing overheating and maintaining optimal performance of the installed components. Adequate cooling not only ensures the longevity of the system but also guarantees that the components operate within safe temperature ranges, minimizing the risk of malfunctions.
  • Emphasis on Electrical Safety: Designed with paramount safety considerations, boasts essential electrical safety features. These features are strategically integrated to safeguard both the sensitive components housed within the chassis and the users interacting with the system. This commitment to electrical safety underscores its suitability for use in various environments.
  • Integrated Cable Management: Streamlines cable organization and routing within the chassis. This not only contributes to the system's neat and organized appearance but also assists with troubleshooting and maintenance activities, simplifying the process of identifying and rectifying issues.
  • User-Friendly Accessibility: Designed with user convenience in mind. The chassis is structured to provide easy access to the components, allowing for straightforward maintenance, repair, and upgrades. This accessibility reduces downtime and enhances the efficiency of any necessary interventions, ultimately contributing to uninterrupted system operation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is 5453-278?
It is MicroNet 12 Slot Chassis developed by Woodward.

How many modules can the MicroNet 12 Slot Chassis accommodate?
It can accommodate a total of twelve modules. Among these, one slot can be used for a Remove XCVR or RTN (Remote Transceiver or Return) module, and the remaining eleven slots are for I/O modules.

Can redundant RTN modules be installed in the Chassis?
No, the it does not support redundant RTN modules. Only one Remove XCVR or RTN module can be installed.

How many power supply positions are available in the chassis?
The chassis has two power supply positions. This allows for redundant power input, which can enhance system reliability.

How much space do power supply modules occupy in the chassis?
Each power supply module occupies three slots of chassis space. Therefore, when considering the power supply and I/O slots, the chassis has a total width of 18 slots.

What should be done with unoccupied power supply or I/O module slots?
To maintain proper cooling flow through the chassis, any unoccupied power supply or I/O module slot should be filled with a blanking plate. This helps ensure that the airflow is directed correctly.