5441-635 - Opto Isolator

5441-635 - Opto Isolator 5441-635 - Opto Isolator

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Part Number: 5441-635
Manufacturer: Woodward
Product Type: Module
Availability: In Stock
Function: Opto Isolator
Country of Manufacture: United States (USA)

Functional Description

5441-635 is a Opto Isolator developed by Woodward. Opto isolators, also known as optocouplers, are electronic devices designed to transmit electrical signals between two isolated circuits while providing electrical isolation and protection. The primary purpose of the component is to ensure the safe and reliable transmission of signals in various industrial applications. It is specifically engineered to protect sensitive components and circuits from voltage spikes, electrical noise, and potential ground loops that could otherwise cause damage or interference.

Product Attributes

  • The Isolator incorporates advanced optoelectronic technology to achieve its function. It consists of an input side and an output side, which are electrically isolated from each other. The input side typically consists of an LED (Light-Emitting Diode), while the output side features a photosensitive component such as a phototransistor or photodiode.
  • When an electrical signal is applied to the input side, the LED emits light proportional to the input signal. The light then illuminates the photosensitive component on the output side, which generates a corresponding output signal. This optical coupling allows for signal transmission without direct electrical connection, ensuring isolation and protection.
  • Firstly, it provides galvanic isolation, which means that there is no direct electrical connection between the input and output sides. This isolation prevents the transfer of high voltages, currents, or noise from one circuit to another, safeguarding sensitive components and systems.
  • Moreover, the Isolator has a high voltage isolation rating, allowing it to handle significant voltage differentials between the input and output sides. This capability further enhances the protection of circuits, especially in applications with high voltage potentials.
  • It can accurately transmit signals across the isolation barrier, ensuring minimal signal distortion or loss.
  • The Opto Isolator also helps in mitigating potential ground loop issues. Ground loops can occur when there are multiple grounds in a system, leading to unwanted currents and noise.


  • The TMR platform can be expanded into multiple chassis as needed to support any mix of I/O, including networked and distributed I/O. The TMR main control chassis comes in only one size, with 18 VME slots. The control section takes up all of the available slots. The power supply is a separate chassis that connects to the MicroNet TMR main control chassis's lower right or left side. The redundant power supplies are housed in the power supply chassis.
  • Using the Plus8 or Plus14 chassis options, the MicroNet TMR control can be expanded to a multi-chassis system. The expansion racks may also be the older Simplex6 or Simplex12 chassis for field upgrades. Each expansion chassis has its own dedicated power supply, control, and I/O sections. Simplex or redundant power supplies are supported by the expansion power supply architecture.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is 5441-635?
It is a Opto Isolator developed by Woodward.

What options are available for expanding the MicroNet TMR control into a multi-chassis system?
The MicroNet TMR control can be expanded using the Plus8 or Plus14 chassis options. These expansion racks provide additional slots for control, power supply, and I/O sections. Alternatively, the older Simplex6 or Simplex12 chassis can be used for field upgrades.

Does each expansion chassis in the multi-chassis system have its own power supply?
Yes, each expansion chassis in the multi-chassis system has its own dedicated power supply. This ensures that each section of the expanded system is adequately powered and provides redundancy options for power supply architecture.