5417-175 - MicroNet Cable

5417-175 - MicroNet Cable 5417-175 - MicroNet Cable

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Part Number: 5417-175
Manufacturer: Woodward
Product type: MicroNet Cable
Configuration: High-Density
Compatibility: Analog and Discrete
Cable length: 12 feet
Availability: In Stock
Country of Manufacturer: United States (USA)

Functional Description

5417-175 is a MicroNet Cable developed by Woodward. It is a 12 Ft. high-density analog/discrete cable assembly component. The MicroNet Plus control is a VME-based, modular expandable control system with redundant or simplex CPU and power supply options, as well as a wide range of I/O module options. The features and performance of MicroNet Plus are specifically designed for the stringent requirements of prime mover control. CPU capability, application software recursion rates and determinism, software algorithms, I/O signal conditioning and filtering, and a slew of other features work in tandem with long-term support and Woodward service to ensure a trouble-free start-up and a long support life.

Cable Features

  • High-Density Configuration: The cable assembly is optimized for high-density signal environments, catering to scenarios where multiple analog and discrete signals need to be transmitted simultaneously within a confined space.
  • Analog and Discrete Compatibility: This versatile assembly is designed to accommodate both analog and discrete signals, offering the flexibility to handle various types of data transmission. Whether it's continuous analog measurements or discrete on/off signals, this cable assembly can seamlessly manage the diversity of signal types.
  • Length: With a length of 12 feet (approximately 3.7 meters), this cable assembly provides ample reach for connecting devices that might be situated at a considerable distance from each other.
  • Robust Design: The cable assembly is built to withstand the rigors of industrial use. Its robust design includes features that enhance its resistance to wear, environmental factors, and potential mechanical stresses.

System Overview

  • CPUs can be simplex or redundant, depending on the needs of the customer. By simply adding a second CPU and making a minor application software change, a simplex CPU system can be upgraded to redundant CPUs.
  • The selection of I/O Modules is tailored to the needs of the customer. I/O modules can be configured in any combination of simplex, duplex, or triplex, as well as analog, discrete, and specialty modules. Hot replacement of I/O modules is possible without removing control power.
  • Woodward's proven graphical application programmer (GAP) software is used in the MicroNet Plus control. This function block format programming language allows for the efficient programming of prime mover control logic. For those who are familiar with this programming structure, a Ladder Logic programming environment is also available.


  • Ensure that power is not supplied to the unit until all cables are securely connected.
  • Applying power to the unit prior to cable connection could result in the fuses on the output modules being blown if the exposed ends of the cables come into contact, causing a short circuit.
  • For optimal operation, it is advised that installations take proactive measures to mitigate potential network issues arising from challenging environments or unexpected situations.
  • One effective approach is to limit the network length to no more than 50% of the absolute maximum ratings, thus enhancing the system's resilience to adverse conditions and unforeseen events.

Expansion Racks using cables

  • MicroNet TMR5200 multiple-rack systems are supported by locating expansion racks either locally with the main chassis or remotely using fiber optic cables and Ethernet switches.
  • Using fiber optic Ethernet switches, a maximum of three MicroNet Plus expansion racks (14 slot or 8 slot versions) or MicroNet Simplex expansion racks (6 or 12 slot versions) can be supported in up to three different remote locations. For reliable operation, Woodward-approved hardware is required.

5417-175 Characteristics

  • Communications Module: The cables are connected directly to the faceplate of the communications module. The communications module acts as the interface for external communication and networking. It provides connections for data exchange and control signals with other devices or systems.
  • Ribbon Cable: The ribbon cable is used to establish a connection between the TMR Main Chassis and other components. It connects to a connector located at the back underside of the TMR Main Chassis. This ribbon cable plays a crucial role in transmitting data and control signals between different modules within the MicroNet system.
  • Power Supply Chassis: The cable connection for the power supply chassis is positioned towards the back of the upper side of the chassis. This connection ensures a reliable power supply to the system components, providing the necessary electrical energy for their operation.
  • Cable Length and Type: The maximum cable length recommended for the MicroNet system is 30 meters. It is important to consider this limit to ensure proper signal transmission and system performance. For customer installations, double-shielded Cat 5 Ethernet cables (SSTP) are required. These cables provide sufficient shielding and protection against electromagnetic interference, ensuring reliable and accurate data transmission.

Product Attributes

  • Cable assembly embodies the culmination of innovative design and tailored to address the intricate needs of systems.
  • It stands as a result of meticulous research, development, and manufacturing processes aimed at delivering a high-quality, reliable, and efficient communication link for intricate systems.
  • Capacity to manage an extensive volume of data streams and signals.
  • Analog signals, which involve continuous variations, and discrete signals, which have distinct on-off states, are foundational in complex systems.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is 5417-175?
It is a MicroNet Cable developed by Woodward.

What are the CPU options for the MicroNet Plus control?
The CPUs can be simplex or redundant, depending on the needs of the customer.

Can a simplex CPU system be upgraded to redundant CPUs?
Yes, by simply adding a second CPU and making a minor application software change, a simplex CPU system can be upgraded to redundant CPUs.

Can the I/O modules be customized to the customer's needs?
Yes, the selection of I/O modules is tailored to the needs of the customer.

What types of I/O modules are available?
I/O modules can be configured in any combination of simplex, duplex, or triplex, as well as analog, discrete, and specialty modules.