531X191RTBAGG1 - Relay Terminal Board

531X191RTBAGG1 - Relay Terminal Board 531X191RTBAGG1 - Relay Terminal Board

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Part No.: 531X191RTBAGG1
Manufacturer: General Electric
Product Type: Relay Terminal Board
Series: EX2000

531X191RTBAGG1 is a Relay Terminal Board developed by GE under EX2000 series. The card has two functions for the drive when it is mounted. For wired connections to external circuits, seven relays are provided. Users have access to the system's integrated contacts and coils via the terminal board as well.

  • For the board's installed drive, the card offers a variety of helpful capabilities. By carrying out the control functions, the board is able to control external circuits fed to the seven relays while it is in operation. This type of relay terminal card can tabulate relay contacts and RTB points. Contacts and coils for this board are rated for this particular section of the series because it is the G1 version of the board.
  • Coils for the board have a rated holding current of 9 mA and rate at 115 VAC 10%. The card's contacts feature current ratings of 0.7 A DC and voltage ratings of 105 VDC.Users must adhere to the installation guidelines established by the manufacturer to protect the integrity of the board. Make sure to choose only professionals who are qualified and trained to install this board.
  • If boards are handled, mounted, or wired incorrectly, damage to the device may happen. The documentation and datasheet for the relay terminal contain a wiring diagram for this card. Initially, the board received technical assistance from General Electric, the device's maker.
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Frequently Asked Questions


What is 531X191RTBAGG1?
531X191RTBAGG1 is a Relay Terminal Board developed by GE under EX2000 series

What is the voltage rating of the component?
Voltage ratings is 105 VDC.

How to Obtain 531X191RTBAGG1?
WOC provides 531X191RTBAGG1 as well as other turbine control products. Contact World of Controls.