531X139APMATG2 - Application Drive Card

531X139APMATG2 - Application Drive Card 531X139APMATG2 - Application Drive Card

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Part Number: 531x139APMATG2
Manufacturer: General Electric
Series: EX2000
Product Type: Application Drive Card
Availability: In Stock
Country of Origin: United States(USA)

531x139APMATG2 is an Application Drive Card developed by General Electric. It is a part of EX2000 excitation system. Before beginning to install the board into the drive, go over all of the installation parameters that have been provided. When these guidelines are followed, the risk of device damage or defect is reduced. The integrity of the device is dependent on qualified personnel handling and installing these cards.

531x139APMATG2 Inspection Procedure

  1. Verify that all incoming wiring, including CT and PT polarities, matches the basic drawings included with the exciter.
  2. Ensure that the incoming wiring follows proper wiring practices.
  3. Inspect all electrical terminal connections for tightness.
  4. Ensure that no wiring was damaged or frayed during the installation process. If necessary, replace.

531x139APMATG2 Storage Precautions

If the exciter is not installed right away, it must be properly stored to avoid corrosion and deterioration. The customer must provide a clean, dry environment that is free of temperature fluctuations, high humidity, and dust. When storing the equipment, follow the guidelines below.

  • Keep the equipment clean and dry, protected from precipitation and flooding, by placing it under adequate cover.
  • Only use breathable (canvas) covering material. Avoid using plastic. Unpack and label the equipment as described in the following section. Keep the following conditions in the storage enclosure:
    • Temperature limits for ambient storage range from -4 °F (-20 °C) to 131 °F (55 °C).
    • Free of dust and corrosive elements such as salt spray or chemically and electrically conductive contaminants in the surrounding air.
    • A relative humidity range of 5 to 95%, with provisions for condensation prevention.
    • There are no rodents.
    • There are no temperature swings that cause moisture condensation on the equipment.

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What is 531x139APMATG2?
531x139APMATG2 is an Application Drive Card developed by General Electric

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