531X133PRUALG1 - Process Interface Board

531X133PRUALG1 - Process Interface Board 531X133PRUALG1 - Process Interface Board

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Part No.: 531X133PRUALG1
Manufacturer: General Electric
Product Type: Process Interface Board
Series: EX2000

531X133PRUALG1 is a Process Interface Board developed by General Electric. The board is compatible with GE's general-purpose drive systems. You can find out if this PCB is compatible with your specific system by consulting the user manual or guide for that system.


  • Typically, input signals are filtered, amplified, isolated, and converted on interface boards into outputs that may be used by the associated control systems. The Process Interface board is available in a number of variations within the 531x series.
  • For mounting possibilities, the component has holes drilled into each corner. Codes like F31X133PRUALG1, 006/01, and 002/01 are labeled on the board.
  • The majority of components are marked with reference designators for quick identification as well as unique part numbers from their manufacturers. It has a single terminal strip with three positions. This is situated in a board corner. It has two connectors for cables. Male vertical pin components make up both connectors. On the board's surface, there is also a single header connector.
  • On the board, there are numerous jumper switches and TP test locations. Analog line receivers and analog inverters are examples of integrated circuits. A single switch component with seven distinct toggles is also present. The name of this component is "Tach range."
  • GE manuals and user guides can be consulted to learn more about the board, its purpose, and instructions for installation and maintenance.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is 531X133PRUALG1?
531X133PRUALG1 is a Process Interface Board developed by General Electric.

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