4136J56-G01 - Pulse Transformer Board

4136J56-G01 - Pulse Transformer Board 4136J56-G01 - Pulse Transformer Board

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Part Number: 4136J56-G01
Manufacturer: General Electric
Product Type: PB Set Point Selector Board
Series: Mark III
Availability: In Stock
Country of Origin: United States(USA)

4136J56-G01 is a Pulse Transformer Board manufactured by General Electric. It is a part of the Mark III Series used to control the gas turbine control management systems. A pulse transformer is an improved transformer that generates high-velocity, constant-amplitude electrical pulses. They are frequently utilized in digital information transmission and in transistors (particularly with gate drive circuits).

4136J56-G01 Functional Description

  • Pulse transformers are constructed based on power grades, inductance, voltage ratings, operating frequency, size, resistance, frequency range, and winding capacitance rather than these factors.
  • External elements like as inter-winding capacitance, the individual capacitance of each winding, and even resistance influence frequency range and signal conformance. These externalities have a negative impact on overshoot, droop, backswing, and rise and fall time.

Pulse Transformer Advantages

  • High Energy Transfer: Pulse transformers are small in size and have excellent repetitiveness. As a result, they typically have short rise times, large pulse widths, and high energy transfer efficiency. Additionally, the high permeability of its ferrite core, which permits high energy transfer within the transformer, reduces the leakage inductance.
  • Greater Number of Windings: Pulse transformers typically have more than two windings, allowing for the simultaneous driving of multiple transistors. This minimizes any phase shifts or delays of any kind.
  • A pulse transformer has galvanic isolation between its windings, which prevents stray currents from passing through. The property also enables different operating potentials for the primary driving circuit and the secondary driven circuit. For small electronic transformers, the isolation can be as high as 4 kV, while for very high-power applications, it can be as high as 200 kV. In the event that one component is dangerous to touch due to high voltage passing through it, the galvanic isolation property also satisfies the safety requirements.
  • Pulse transformers are vacuum-potted and covered in abrasive resins. These resins aid in maintaining a controlled environment inside a transformer by reducing any kind of electric resistance or vibration. Vacuum potting is the name of this procedure. Additionally used for potting inside the transformer are thermo-setting plastics or silicone rubber gels. The potting substance has an insulating effect as well. Additionally, doing so reduces the amount of space needed, improving insulation.

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What is 4136J56-G01?
4136J56-G01 is a Pulse Transformer Board manufactured by General Electric.

What is a pulse transformer?
The purpose of pulse transformers is to move pulses, which are defined as signals or voltage that rapidly rise, remain stable for a period of time, and then rapidly descend.

Why is Ethernet using a pulse transformer?
Pulse transformers are always utilized for things like noise reduction and insulation.

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