330701-00-30-10-02-00 330701-00-30-10-02-00

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Part No.: 330701-00-30-10-02-00
Manufacturer: Bently Nevada
Product Type: Proximitor Probe
Series: Bently Nevada 3300

330701-00-30-10-02-00 is a proximity probe produced by Bently Nevada in the 3300 series. It is an accessory for the 3300 XL 11 mm Proximity Transducer System. The probe, extension cable, and Proximitor Sensor are included in the 3300 XL 11 mm Proximity Transducer System.

  • The temperature Range of the Probe is -52°C to +177°C for operation and storage. The 3300 XL probes are intended to seal differential pressures between the probe tip and the casing. A Viton O-ring serves as the probe's sealing material. Prior to shipment, probes are not pressure checked. If you need a pressure seal test for your application, please contact our custom design department. All transducer system components use gold-plated brass ClickLoc connectors. ClickLoc connections secure the connection, preventing it from getting loose.
  • The TipLoc molding technology, which is patented, creates a strong attachment between the probe tip and the probe body. The probe cable is firmly linked to the probe tip using our unique CableLoc design, which has a pull strength of 330 N.
  • FluidLoc cable options are available for 3300 XL Probes and Extension Cables. This option prevents oil and other liquids from leaking out of the machine via the interior of the cable. It also protects the connectors from moisture in a humid or moist environment.
    Connector protectors are suggested for all installations and help to safeguard the environment.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is 330701-00-30-10-02-00?
330701-00-30-10-02-00 is a proximitor probe developed by Bently Nevada under 3300 series.

Which materials are used to develop the probe tip and probe case?
Polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) and AISI 304 stainless steel (SST) are used in the probe tip and probe case.

How do I obtain 330701-00-30-10-02-00?
World of Controls provides 330701-00-30-10-02-00 as well as other turbine control products. Contact WOC.