330101-00-14-10-02-00 - 8mm Proximity Probe

330101-00-14-10-02-00 - 8mm Proximity Probe 330101-00-14-10-02-00 - 8mm Proximity Probe

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Part Number: 330101-00-14-10-02-00
Manufacturer: Bently Nevada
Product Type: 3300 XL 8 mm Proximity Probes
Availability: In Stock
Country of Origin: USA

330101-00-14-10-02-00 is a 3300 XL 8 mm Proximity Probes manufactured by Bently Nevada and used in Proximity Transducer System. It has an AISI 4140 steel target, a 10 k load, a -24 Vdc power supply, and gapped at 1.27 mm (50 mils).

330101-00-14-10-02-00 Features

  • The probe tip and body are better connected using the proprietary TipLoc molding process. The cable used for the probe has a proprietary CableLoc design, which increases the connection between the cable and the probe tip's pull strength to 330 N (75 lbf).
  • The ClickLoc connectors on the 3300 XL probe are gold-plated and resistant to corrosion. These connectors just need to be finger-tightened, and a specifically designed locking mechanism keeps them from slipping. No special tools are needed to install or remove these connectors.
  • A thicker encapsulation of the probe coil in the molded PPS plastic probe tip is offered by 8 mm probes. As a result, the probe becomes more robust. The probe body's increased diameter also offers a stronger, more durable casing. For maximum sturdiness against physical abuse, utilizing 8 mm probes wherever possible.


  • Length: 1.0 metre (3.3 feet)
  • Weight: 0.323 Kg
  • Storage Temperature : -51 °C to +177 °C (-60 °F to +351 °F)

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