3300/35 - Temperature Monitor

3300/35 - Temperature Monitor 3300/35 - Temperature Monitor

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Part No.: 3300/35
Manufacturer: Bently Nevada
Product Type: Six-Channel Temperature Monitor
Availability: In Stock
Full-Scale Range Option: 0-150 degrees Celsius
Transducer Input Option: Type K
Alarm Relay Option: Epoxy-Sealed
Agency Approval Option: CSA/NRTL/C
Safety Barrier Option: None
Coating: Conformal
Series: 3300 Series
Country of Manufacture: United States (USA)

Functional Description

3300/35 is a Six-Channel Temperature Monitor developed by Bently Nevada. It is a part of 3300 Bently Nevada Series. It features six independent temperature monitoring channels. Each monitor is suitable for almost all temperature measurements. The monitors can accept up to six thermocouples or resistance temperature detectors, which are sold separately.

3300/35 Signal Conditioning

Monitor Range

  • The flexibility of the Signal Conditioning becomes evident in its Monitor Range feature. At the point of ordering, users have the prerogative to select the monitor's full-scale operating range, aligning it with the specific requirements of the machinery being monitored. This personalized customization ensures that the monitoring system is fine-tuned to the machinery's unique characteristics, enhancing its ability to accurately detect and report deviations from normal behavior.
  • During the manufacturing process, the monitor undergoes meticulous factory calibration to ensure optimal performance. However, when incorporating spare monitors or power supplies, it's advisable to perform a thorough check and recalibration as necessary. This practice guarantees that the monitoring accuracy is maintained, and any deviations due to equipment replacement are mitigated.
  • Moreover, ranges that facilitate proportional recorder output and computer interface signals can be reprogrammed by the user in the field. This adaptability empowers operators to adjust the system's output signals to match the desired parameters, allowing for efficient data interpretation and integration.

Display Accuracy

  • The Signal Conditioning's commitment to accuracy is exemplified in its Display Accuracy attributes. With a maximum deviation of �1 degrees Celsius when the tenths digit is displayed, and �1.5 degrees Celsius when the tenths digit is not displayed, the system ensures that the temperature measurements are highly reliable and conform to industry standards.
  • These accuracy specifications are benchmarked against an ambient temperature of +25 degrees Celsius, a common reference point for assessing measurement precision. This high level of accuracy guarantees that temperature-related data collected by the system is trustworthy and can be used with confidence in decision-making processes.

Product Attributes

  • Six Distinct Channels - Comprehensive Temperature Monitoring: This multi-channel capability enables the monitoring of temperature variations in multiple locations or components simultaneously. By offering six channels, the product ensures a comprehensive overview of temperature dynamics within complex machinery or processes. This depth of monitoring contributes to better understanding and analysis of temperature patterns, enabling operators to make informed decisions and respond promptly to any deviations.
  • Real-Time Temperature Monitoring - Timely Insights for Precision: The ability to monitor temperature in real time is a critical aspect of this product. Real-time temperature monitoring empowers operators to receive immediate updates on temperature changes, allowing them to detect fluctuations, anomalies, or critical conditions as they occur. This proactive approach is invaluable in preventing overheating, optimizing process efficiency, and ensuring the safety of equipment and personnel.
  • Suitable for all Temperature Measurement Types - Versatility and Adaptability: This product is designed to accommodate a wide array of temperature measurement types. Regardless of the specific measurement methodology being employed, this product is equipped to handle it effectively. This versatility ensures that the product can seamlessly integrate into various industrial processes, regardless of the nuances of temperature measurement methods used in those processes.
  • Operating Temperature, Storage Temperature, and Relative Humidity - Robust Environmental Suitability: With an operating temperature range of 0 to +65 degrees Celsius, this product is engineered to function effectively even in diverse temperature conditions. Moreover, its storage temperature range of -40 to +85 degrees Celsius indicates its robustness and durability in storage. The product's ability to withstand relative humidity levels up to 95% without condensation further underscores its adaptability to varying environmental conditions.

System Serial Data Interface

  • This interface establishes a designed connection to integrate with process control systems, plant control, automation systems, and historical data repositories. The System Data Interface (SDI) performs continuous scans of each monitor within the rack, capturing various critical values such as overall monitored data, probe gap, individual transducer status, channel Alert and Danger alarm statuses, and other operational statuses. This collected data is temporarily stored in the memory of the System Monitor.
  • When the need arises to retrieve this data through a suitable protocol message, the data is extracted from the System Monitor's memory, meticulously formatted, and then sent back to the requesting system in a structured message response. It's important to note that the data accessed through the SDI is static and not dynamic in nature.
  • The SDI offers support for both the Modicon MODBUS and Allen-Bradley DF1 protocols, and the selection between them can be made using jumpers on the System Monitor's SDI circuit board. Each protocol carries its own distinct features, yet the types of data that can be exchanged through each interface are similar.
  • With the Modbus protocol, the SDI enables the reading of alarm set points from the monitors. Additionally, this protocol facilitates the possibility of daisy-chaining monitor racks for streamlined connectivity and efficient data transmission.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is 3300/35?
It is a Six-Channel Temperature Monitor developed by Bently Nevada

What is the Full-Scale Range Option for this component?
The Full-Scale Range Option for this product is 0-150 degrees Celsius.

What is the Transducer Input Option for this product?
The Transducer Input Option for this product is Type K.

What is the Alarm Relay Option for this module?
The Alarm Relay Option for this product is Epoxy-Sealed.