3300/16-PWA140720-03 - Dual Vibration XY/Gap Monitor

3300/16-PWA140720-03 - Dual Vibration XY/Gap Monitor 3300/16-PWA140720-03 - Dual Vibration XY/Gap Monitor

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Part No: 3300/16-PWA140720-03
Manufacturer: Bently Nevada
Function: Dual Vibration XY/Gap Monitor
Series: 3300
Country of Manufacture: United States(USA)

3300/16-PWA140720-03 is a Dual Vibration XY/Gap Monitor manufactured and designed by Bently Nevada. The 3300 Series Monitoring System provides continuous, online monitoring suitable for machinery protection applications and is designed to fully meet the API 670 requirements for such systems. The system's highly modular design includes an Instrument Rack, an alternating current or direct current power supply, a System Monitor, and one or more monitor modules selected to provide the required monitoring functionality. Because of this modular design, the 3300 System is versatile, expandable, and cost-effective as your monitoring needs evolve.

Monitor Functions

Radial Vibrations

  • It is defined as dynamic shaft motion perpendicular to the shaft centerline. The Dual Vibration Monitor displays two channels' values (Channel A and B).

Probe gap Voltage

  • The probe gap is defined as a negative dc voltage that is proportional to the distance between the face of a proximity probe and the surface being monitored.
  • By pressing the GAP switch, the probe gap value for each channel is displayed on the front panel meter.


  • The transducer is defined as OK when the Proximitor output voltage is within its upper/lower limits.
  • The OK detection circuit is in charge of controlling the channel OK LED as well as the monitor relay drive to the system Relay.


  • On the Power Input Module is the OK Relay. To activate the OK Relay, every channel in the rack must be OK or bypassed.

Timed OK/Channel Defeat

  • Timed OK/Channel Defeat prevents false alarms from being generated by faulty transducer wiring. If the probe input signal level on a given channel exceeds the upper/lower OK limits, the OK LED on that channel turns off, the BYPASS LED turns on, the channel is disabled, and the OK Relay deactivates.
  • After the channel input signal level has been restored within the upper/lower OK limits for at least 30 seconds, the channel OK LED will begin flashing at 1 Hertz (Hz) to indicate that the OK state has been restored, the BYPASS LED will turn off, and monitoring will be enabled.
  • To stop the OK LED from flashing, press the RESET button on the System Monitor's front panel (it will then remain on steadily).If the channel remains in the not OK state, set the Channel Bypass switch on the monitor circuit board to "off." The monitor can then be used as a single-channel monitor, and the OK Relay will return to an OK state (energized). The OK Relay could not be reactivated without this feature. The recorder output is clamped to zero vibration value and the display is clamped to zero in the Timed OK/Channel Defeat and Channel Bypass modes.

Vibration Alarm

  • By pressing the ALERT or DANGER switches on the monitor's front panel, the Alert (first-level alarm) or Danger (second-level alarm) vibration setpoints are displayed on the front panel meter.
  • The ALERT LEDs illuminate and the appropriate Alert Alarm relay contacts are activated when the radial vibration signal level equals or exceeds the preset Alert setpoints for the selected time delay.
  • When the radial vibration signal level exceeds the preset Danger setpoints, the DANGER LEDs illuminate and the Danger alarm relay contacts are activated.

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What is 3300/16-PWA140720-03?
3300/16-PWA140720-03 is a Dual Vibration XY/Gap Monitor manufactured and designed by Bently Nevada

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