3300/15 - Dual Vibration Monitor

3300/15 - Dual Vibration Monitor 3300/15 - Dual Vibration Monitor

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Part No.: 3300/15
Manufacturer: Bently Nevada
Product Type: Dual Vibration Monitor
Full Scale Range : 0-10 Mils PP
Recorder Output : +4 to +20 mA
Scale Factor : 7200 200 mV/Mil
Transducer Input (01): 3300 or 7200 Proximitor, 200 mV/mil
Alarm Relay: None
Agency Approval: Not Required
Safety Barriers : None
Trip Multiply: None
Availability: In Stock
Series: 3300 Series
Country of Manufacture: United States (USA)

Functional Description

3300/15 is a Dual Vibration Monitor developed by Bently Nevada. It is a part of 3300 Bently Nevada Series. The Dual Vibration Monitor is a microprocessor-based monitor with digitally adjustable Alert and Danger thresholds. For radial vibration amplitude, each channel has its own Alert and Danger alarm setpoints. It has status indicators (monitor and transducer OK, Alert, Danger, and Bypass) as well as independent per channel peak to peak amplitude detection of vibration signals for continuous display and driving recorder outputs. The rear terminal strip delivers short-circuit-protected power to the two transducer systems. The OK circuit continuously monitors the cach transducer and associated field wiring operation. On the monitor's LCD readout, both channels are continuously displayed independently.


  • It is suitable for virtually all types of rotating and reciprocating machinery and provides sophisticated on-line vibration monitoring. It can continuously measure and monitor two independent radial vibration channels while accepting input from two proximity probe transducer systems.
  • The product works in conjunction with the 3300 System Rack, Power Supply, and System Monitor, which are all ordered separately.
  • The American Petroleum Institute Standard is met by the Dual Vibration Monitor.


  • Quality, dependability, and flexibility are built into 3300 monitors.
  • Each monitor operates independently within the system, requiring no additional control panel, keyboard, or programming module. The Dual Vibration Monitor includes features that optimize long-term, dependable, and highly accurate system operation. These characteristics are critical, especially in installations where the monitoring system serves as an input to an automatic machine shutdown system.
  • It is not always possible to determine the exact monitor options you will require for a specific application when placing your order. The Dual Vibration Monitor includes a variety of plug-in (user-programmable) jumpers, allowing you to easily set the appropriate monitor options when you receive the system. These options can be changed in the field if necessary in the future. Jumper programming does not necessitate the use of any tools or extra parts.
  • These are plug-in jumpers that can be adjusted manually. The on-board microprocessor reads the jumper positions and controls the monitor accordingly.

Product Attributes

  • Self-Test Routines Are Included in Reliable Microprocessor Technology
  • Display, Layout, and Switches Designed for Operator Comfort
  • Barriers to Intrinsic Safety


  • Signal: One or two proximity probe signals are accepted.
  • 10 k ohm input impedance
  • Peak to peak sensitivity: 200 mV/mil (8 V/mm).
  • Accepts regulated de voltages from the rack Power Supply. The nominal power consumption is 2 watts. Power-Up Inhibit: Responds to the System Monitor's Power-Up Inhibit signal.
  • Trip Multiply: Responds to the System Monitor's Trip Multiply signal.
  • Reset: In response to an alarm System Monitor reset signals.
  • Alarm Setpoint Adjustment: Responds to System Monitor Up/Down signals.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is 3300/15?
It is a Dual Vibration Monitor developed by Bently Nevada

What types of machinery is the Dual Vibration Monitor suitable for?
It is suitable for virtually all types of rotating and reciprocating machinery and provides sophisticated online vibration monitoring.

Does the component meet any industry standards?
Yes, the Vibration Monitor meets the American Petroleum Institute Standard.

What is the input impedance of the Signal for the product?
The input impedance of the Signal is 10 k ohms.

What is the peak to peak sensitivity of the device?
The peak to peak sensitivity is 200 mV/mil (8 V/mm).

What is the nominal power consumption of the component?
The nominal power consumption 2 watts.