21747-045-00 - Proximitor Probe Extension Cable

21747-045-00 - Proximitor Probe Extension Cable 21747-045-00 - Proximitor Probe Extension Cable

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Part Number: 21747-045-00
Manufacturer: Bently Nevada
Product Type: Proximity Probe Extension Cable
Availability: In Stock
Country of Manufacture: United States (USA)
Cable Length: 4.5 meters
Frequency response: 0 Hz -10 kHz
Product Family: 7200

21747-045-00 is a Proximitor Probe Extension Cable manufactured by Bently Nevada and used in proximity transducer systems. The non-contacting, gap-to-voltage Bently Nevada 7200 5mm / 8mm Series Proximity Transducer Systems assess both static and dynamic distances between the probe tip and the target being viewed. wide use in any situation where precise, non-contact displacement measurement is required. However, shaft position and vibration measurements on rotational and reciprocating machinery are the most frequent uses. They are made to work with almost any kind of machine, including gas and steam turbines, pumps, centrifuges, compressors, and electric motors and generators. The system is API 670 compliant and has a linear measuring range of 80 mils (2 millimeters).

21747-045-00 Features

  • The system length from the probe tip to the proximitor is intended to be either five or nine meters when the probe with integral lead and extension cable are combined. To match the typical extension cable lengths, probes are provided with incorporated leads in a variety of lengths.
  • Proximitors with the same part number, as well as probes and cables of the same length, can be used interchangeably.
  • Armor made of stainless steel is available for enhanced protection. It offers better protection against physical abuse.


  1. 0 Hz (DC) to 10 kHz as the frequency response
  2. Non-interference
  3. Systems with Gap-to-Voltage Transducers
  4. Calculates Dynamic and Static Distances


  • Cable Length: 4.5 meters
  • Armor Option: Without Armor

A probe with an integrated coaxial cable, an extension cable, and Proximitor make up a system. With 3300 and 9000 Monitoring Systems, all 7200 proximity transducer systems are compatible.


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What is 21747-045-00?
It is a Proximitor Probe Extension Cable manufactured by Bently Nevada

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Yes, WOC offers services to clients around the globe. In fact, a large portion of our company is international, and we have experience shipping to locations all over the world.

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