21504-000-008-10-02 - Proximity Sensor

21504-000-008-10-02 - Proximity Sensor 21504-000-008-10-02 - Proximity Sensor

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Part Number : 21504-000-008-10-02
Manufacturer: Bently Nevada
Country of Manufacture: USA
Product Type: Proximity Sensor
Series: Bently Nevada 7200


21504-000-008-10-02 is a Proximity Sensor developed by Bently Nevada. It is a part of the Bently Nevada 7200 series.


21504-000-008-10-02 Features

  • The Proximity Transducer Systems assess both static and dynamic distances between the probe tip and the target being viewed. They are non-contacting, gap-to-voltage transducer systems. Any necessity for an exact, non-contacting displacement measurement falls within the general application.
  • The most typical application, however, is for vibration and shaft position measurements on rotational and reciprocating machinery. They are made to work with almost any kind of machine, including electric motors, generators, pumps, centrifuges, gas and steam turbines, compressors, and turbines.
  • The systems are in compliance with API 670 specifications and have a linear measuring range of 80 mils (2 mm).


With a frequency response of 0 Hz (DC) to 10 kHz, the 7200 5 and 8 mm Systems can be used to perform the following types of measurements:

  • Radial vibration is used to detect bad bearings and mechanical issues such as rotor imbalance and misalignment.
  • Axial thrust position for assessing the wear or potential failure of the thrust bearings.
  • Average shaft radial position, used to calculate attitude angle, is a sign of rotor stability.
  • Vibration amplitude and phase angle for Polar and Bodé formats of plotting diagnostic data.
  • Using eccentricity, calculate the rotor bow.


  • Weight: 0.20 lbs
  • Dimensions: 8.75 x 8.00 x 1.25

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is Bently Nevada 21504-000-008-10-02?
21504-000-008-10-02 is a Proximity Sensor developed by Bently Nevada under Bently Nevada 7200 series.

How to obtain 21504-000-008-10-02?
Contact World of Controls of Bently Nevada spare parts. We supply worldwide.