1751-6091 - Relay Module

1751-6091 - Relay Module 1751-6091 - Relay Module

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Part Number: 1751-6091
Manufacturer: Woodward
Product Type: Module
Availability: In Stock
Function: Relay Module
Country of Manufacture: United States (USA)

Functional Description

1751-6091 is a 16 Channel Relay Module developed by Woodward. The 505E Digital Governor is intended for use in controlling extraction, extraction/admittance, or admission steam turbines. The difference between these turbines is the ability of the turbine to allow low pressure steam to enter and/or exit the turbine at a lower pressure than the inlet. A non-return valve in the extraction header/line prevents steam from entering the turbine and allows only lower pressure (extraction) steam to exit the turbine.


  • This module offers 16 channels, each equipped with a relay, allowing for the control of different electrical loads.
  • The primary purpose of the Module is to act as an interface between a control system and external devices or equipment that require on/off switching. It allows for the control of pumps, motors, valves, lights, and other electrical loads, providing a reliable and efficient means of activating or deactivating these devices based on the system's requirements.
  • The module is equipped with high-quality relays that ensure robust and dependable switching operations. Each channel is capable of handling a specific electrical load and can be independently controlled by the control system. This flexibility allows for precise and synchronized switching of multiple devices, facilitating complex control strategies and automation sequences.
  • The 16-channel configuration of the module provides ample capacity for controlling numerous electrical loads simultaneously, enhancing the versatility and scalability of the overall control system. This capability is particularly useful in applications where multiple devices or equipment need to be synchronized or controlled in parallel.

Electrostatic Discharge Awareness

  • Discharge the static electricity on your body to ground before performing maintenance on the electronic control by touching and holding a grounded metal object (pipes, cabinets, equipment, etc.).
  • Avoid static electricity buildup on your body by not wearing clothing made of synthetic materials. Wear cotton or cotton-blend fabrics as much as possible because they do not store static charges as well as synthetics.
  • Keep plastic, vinyl, and Styrofoam materials as far away from the control, modules, and work area as possible (for example, plastic or Styrofoam cups, cup holders, cigarette packages, cellophane wrappers, vinyl books or folders, plastic bottles, and plastic ash trays).

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is 1751-6091?
It is a Relay Module developed by Woodward.

What type of control system is the module intended for?
The module is designed to work with the 505E Digital Governor, which is intended for controlling extraction, extraction/admittance, or admission steam turbines.

How many channels does the module have, and what can it control?
The module offers 16 channels, each equipped with a relay. It can control different electrical loads such as pumps, motors, valves, lights, and other devices requiring on/off switching.