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151X1207CK02SA12 - De-excitation Module

151X1207CK02SA12 - De-excitation Module 151X1207CK02SA12 - De-excitation Module

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Part No.: 151X1207CK02SA12
Manufacturer: General Electric
Country of Manufacture: United States (USA)
Product Type: De-excitation Module
Series: EX2100

151X1207CK02SA12 is a De-excitation Module developed by GE under the EX2100 series. The generator's ac terminal voltage and/or reactive volt-amperes are controlled by the field excitation current generated by the EX2100 Excitation Control (also known as the exciter). It is a complete static excitation system intended for steam, gas, and hydro turbine generators on both new and retrofit turbines.


  • The exciter is a modular, adaptable system that may be put together in a variety of ways to offer a variety of output currents and a variety of levels of system redundancy. Power from a potential, compound, or auxiliary source is one of these alternatives. Warm backup bridges, single or multiple bridges, simplex or redundant controls are all options.
  • The power for the exciter is supplied by either an excitation transformer linked to an auxiliary bus or a power potential transformer connected to the generator terminals.
  • The main feedbacks to the exciter are the generator line current and stator output voltage, and the regulated output to the exciter field is dc voltage and current. With additional GE equipment, such as the GE Control System Toolbox (toolbox) for configuration, the turbine control, the LCI Static Starter, and the HMI, the architecture provides Ethernet LAN (Unit Data Highway) connectivity (operator interface).

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is 151X1207CK02SA12?
151X1207CK02SA12 is a De-excitation Module developed by GE under the EX2100 series.

How to Obtain this De-excitation Module?
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